still getting used to the actuation force of Cherry MX Reds vs Blues, I find myself lightly resting fingers at levels where Blues wouldn't actuate but Reds absolutely do

so I find myself with a terminal filled with "fffffffffffffffffffffffffff"

anyone use Gateron Reds? Are they significantly different from Cherry MX Reds?

I kinda wanna get one of those boards with the Topre switches but those are pretty hard to get here and also pretty expensive :(

like the HHKB 2

Anne Pro 2 is a cute board but 60% :(

80%/Tenkeyless is as small as I want to go tbh


@staticsafe yeah i dont understand the tiny keyboard obsession tbh. I was actively trying to go for more space to encourage ergonomics when I upgraded.

they look sweet as an accessory but anything less than a full keyboard minus the numpad and i'm useless.

@chuck I need my PgUp/dn keys without modifiers!

I suppose a layout with those included (65%?) would work for me

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