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As numbers of infected are rising in my country I can’t have course. 😡 I hope next semester it will be better..

Does anybody know how saves captures?

South Park's episode about Coronavirus is really accurate.

A bit frustrating when a person you have considered as friend pretends they don’t know you. Why do people do that?

To be 25 minutes without electricity, what a terrible experience....😁

Started to attending on courses. I hope it won't be tough. :)

Are you tea or coffee epicure?

What is worse than writting =/= instead of != ?
Writting key by Scientific (American) standard pitch notation but meaning key in Helmholtz (European) pitch notation. I really hate when people do that (both).

I just leaved my Windows laptop unattended for 20 mins and when I came back I saw the update screen - 40% in progress.
Really ?

Psychologists say that exposure therapy is the most successful known treatment for phobias and that anxiety cannot /infinitely/ increase during the exposure therapy.
Then why do I have larger fear of people when I meet people more and more?

I liked number 73 before Sheldon promoted it.

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This $12 iPhone case looks like a Game Boy and really plays 36 games - CNET - Look at it this way: This case costs less than a lot of cases that don't play any games at all. -

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