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Does anybody know how works early access on Steam? How can I apply for testing a game in early access?

Yes, we already know what to expect from Windows OS, but I guess there should be ‘or‘ instead of ‘and’.

If you’re fan of electronic music, you should listen to Eduard Artemiev, great Russian composer.
His theme of Siberiade was used in Soviet advertisement about nuclear energy wich was shown in documentary Chernobyl - zero hour.

So sad to hear that Florian Schneider died.(

Comments’ section below some YouTube videos about 80s computer(s) makes me rolling on the floor laughing. Kids are asking there if they can play GTA V or Fortnite on that.

Seems like upgrade to 10.15 Catalina is not worth yet.(

Another sad news from Chernobyl zone. Forest in the zone is comming closer to Pripyat. Pioneer camp Emerald is burned. :’(

The biggest idiocy I have seen on the stupid 1st April. 😡

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You might think czech retro computers appear a bit tame, but never forget *they* named them "Tesla" before the name became famous!

"Tesla PMD 85-2" -

More czech retro in

#czech #retrocomputing

Usually it’s easy to decide if we like the song or not.
I found cover of less known song by ABBA - Bang and Boomerang made by Noice. I heard the synthesizer in the intro and piano-background and I liked that and I thought “what a cool cover finally”. But then they started to sing, they terribly edited the main melody. This song has brilliant combination of keys when going to chorus and Noice destroyed it, but I still love the riff.
What do you think about the cover?

I really don't get what is hard on staying home and doing nothing. People are depressed they have so much time??? 🙄 I wish I had as much time as those people as I have to do school projects and internship work.

Don’t upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 using partitioned disk with other OS (the Gparted is on live Ubuntu as the process of upgrade did messed up it and probably formatted the partition with Ubuntu).

When you learn SQL at school, teachers give you DB which has max. 8 tables. Then you come on internship to a company where they have 20 DBs and each has 50 tables. And you have few minutes to orientate in it to work effectively.😄

I always forget that don’t close the Toot windows when you make scheduled post. Sorry for duplicit Toot.

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