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Hello! This is my TOOTtalk

I'm the cross-sections of bad ideas executed really well - with a lot of stories to tell

In I work a lot with

In - player but also love

In life are all a big draw

In I'm all about Asian

Learning to speak love my :bongoblob:

🤕 oof, bad day to be a salt consumer

Looks like salt has unwittingly distributed a WORM and is now being subject to crypto-mining backdoors, which is anyones guess what the actual use of these will be for...

A few friends run honk-ci which is a rotating CTF a game exploiting kubernetes in the guise of untitled goose game. First version was run on twitter, current one is in slack:

`!honkctl get pods`

Need help classifying something. What word do you use to classify something that runs an OS?

Shigeru Miyamoto to the n64 Goldeneye staff:

> "He suggested that it might be nice if, at the end of the game, you got to shake hands with all your enemies in the hospital."

@selfsame @fraggle

RMS Defenders (-) 

Really? Techbro's are defending him?

🤦‍♂️ sorry y'all. that's an unfollowable action. and if you get uppity about why I un-followed, you'll get a no-response block. I will not feed the trolls on this. You are wrong, and that is how I see your participation.

Spicy take: if you gave a damn about software freedom, you'd be working to pick up the GPL/FSF torch he dropped instead of fighting that lost battle.

Went to bed at 9p, woke up at 12:30a. Three hours of video games and I think I'll just work on side projects instead

OH: Yeah but we're not playing the price is right, we're playing django is wrong!

In this house we have Linux, Mac, and Windows machines (in that order). I use a 2015 MBP with 1T of disk space and got a low disk warning. While I do use this for a lot of video/photo editing. I can't really explain this though.

How is over half the hard-drive "System"? Mind you the red is "Applications"

I don't really identify as a frontend or backend developer.

I like code.

I like writing really difficult code.

I don't care where that falls on the spectrum.

I just want to be challenged.

Not a typical but 2 months ago I built a ~$4,500 rig in an 8U travel case for all-in-one networking + esports streaming (encoder, cameras, capture cards, headsets, mics) setup that flew from DC to Chicago to Germany and back.

Well, I lost the key to open the case now that it's home and through the magic of a $25 lock-pick set I've got access again!

interesting factoid - bitnami owns about 11% of the stable helm charts in the helm/charts repo. 🤔

I'm impressed by the project, they've done a bang up job with implementation - opting to integrate with existing subsystems instead of just crashing into a system with opinions.

I donated $50 to the project, I hope that helps to support their developers and show my appreciation for their tooling.

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I can't play video games in the living room anymore since there's a tiny terrorist living in my house and when he sees the TV he becomes mesmerized.

As a result, I've re-worked my office space to have:

* More desk space
* Fit an additional monitor and the gaming PC

Hopefully, with some nice headphones I can enjoy a few hours of gaming a week when the baby is asleep.

Pics forthcoming

So, we have:

USB Type A
USB Type B
USB Mini
USB Micro
USB Type C

I feel like Type C should actually be called Type E and Mini / Micro should be C / D respectively.

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