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“if your new software no longer runs on old hardware, it is worse than the old software.”

Anyone else playing Valheim?

I may or may not have fallen into this building challenge for a couple weeks :)

🤕 oof, bad day to be a salt consumer

Looks like salt has unwittingly distributed a WORM and is now being subject to crypto-mining backdoors, which is anyones guess what the actual use of these will be for...

Any artists available for commission? I need a 1920x1080 sized mural of "birds and barbarians" for a D&D 5e troupe. Literally of an arakokra tossing a barbarian into a door as of it were a battering ram.

Turn around time on this isn't super pressing, so a good project for an artist looking for a passive gig. (I always tip, please be upfront about your needs and I'll do my best to accommodate)

Boosts welcome, please DM me a link to your profile of work so I can preview your style.

You can print anything they said, it's only limited by your imagination they said

@sungo though I do have an interesting conundrum I've been battling. Yesterday the mini started acting off.. I couldn't place my finger on it but the proof is in the print.

Ever see this? Almost consistent gaps in material in both the side walls and top wall

On the bright side, it looks amazing 😁☝️

On the unlucky side, it appears to be fused to the build plate...

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