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Just as groovy as your grandmother warned you about

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Now i'm down this lowfi hip hop almost trip hop vibe

jammin to the discog of Hashfinger. Feels like some of Adult Swim's best hits right here.

"I wanna talk to him, try to talk some sense into him, but that kid is long gone, and this old man is all thats left"

I didn't know Fuschia fears was an actual thing...

Going Deepin on Fuchsia | LINUX Unplugged 412

Anyone else feeling this level of anxiety over Google's OS?

Farting around with new age workflow engine ArgoProj. Which is pretty interesting as a series of services that loosely couple together to build a distributed monolith.

the project has a lot of perks and is pretty well built - but land sakes the documentation is a hot pile, and often contradictory between the projects.

I'll chalk it up to evidence that projects still need those tech writing skills from contributors.

If you cross epic metal with doom metal do you get epic doom metal? 🤔

Jamming to some God is an Astronaut - and just existing

Best of God is an Astronaut

Be well fedi friends. :flan_water: and stay hydrated

CI service backed up for > 3 hours this morning. Logged in to find out the backing K8s has deadlocked the scheduler between our requests / limits, and node pool sizes.

🤔 so, the scheduler wont back off if the autoscaler shits out and says "no more capacity configured"?

That feels like an oversight... on my part...

I really missed the memo on this one :blobpats: Time to go purchase the wishlist

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