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Ahh software development

You can have it:
- fast
- cheap
- easy

Pick two

BPF blows my mind man...

"what if we ran routing lower than userspace?"

Currently shitposting The Princess Bride gifs around work chat like its my job

:flan_popcorn: How are y'all?

Gonna head out into the weekend to grind on some gravel with the steed.

In Flames - Take this life

Have a good weekend y'all. I'll see ya on the next one.

OH: "Every time I dig around in it, I get exhausted and change nothing because the mental overhead of maintaining something I know is low"

I think this is pretty much status quo for the late adopters making the move to containerization / cloud computing.

I think I should get into chaos engineering with my penchant for deleting things and it bringing me great joy to press that confirmation of deletion button.

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OH: Ticket updated. Both are bound for the furnaces.

easily the best thing I've seen today. Delete the code! burn the servers!

🤔 More survival crafting games need a tea-brewing mechanic. It's an incredibly useful bushcrafting skill for survival. Making things like nettle tea.

I just think it'd be nice to have a little tea and sammiches picnic in Valheim.

The mead is fine, but my group of players takes that to the drunken vikinger extreme.

is spring cleaning your cloud (*other people's computers/platform) projects something people do?

Just deleted somewhere around 35 unused assets and it feels goooooood.


Are there any occult-bot type accounts on the fediverse? A tarot reading bot? Might b fun.

Anyone else playing Valheim?

I may or may not have fallen into this building challenge for a couple weeks :)

I guess the takeaway here is use better scoped route advertisements and dont just spam /32's

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So, you mean to tell me after you reach 100 advertised BGP routes in a cloud router, per region, it just silently flaps and you get WARNs in the log?

it took me three days to find this issue, because redundant routing is amazing. Routes flap? shit just takes another path. Thanks!

Now when two of those paths go down due to the route flap - because apparently BGP is a FIFO pseudo randomized list? (j/k)

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