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I've put 18 miles on my bike so far this year... in less than 36 hours.

My quads are killing me

OH: When it's great, its pretty great. When it falls apart I cuss like a trucker.

sauce: me

referring to all our infrastructure automation tooling.

any AWS/Security peeps out here interested in some work?

Samsung Confirms Critical Security Warning For Millions: Every Galaxy After 2014 Affected

Looks like more image processors are getting fuzzed into exploits. Time to keep an eye out for security updates.

I have vague memories that, once upon a time, automatic IPSec was mandatory in IPv6. Sadly, I ditched my 1995-era IPv6/IPng books years ago. Any fellow geezers remember that, or is my memory tricking me? Want the right facts for #TLSMastery - #netadmin #sysadmin #ipv6

Bring back more apprenticeships

The kind where you go chop wood while learning math and geography

want to listen to a friendly human voice (is mine, hiii!) + see a bit of hardcore minecraft played on OpenBSD by a squishy marshmallow novice? :flan_wave:

"Security. People keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means." - #TLSmastery

also can I say I absolutely love the artwork for each of the monsters

Looks like there's some help out there already, there's a CVE check in some python2 janky fashion...

but use your best judgement, its yet another script.

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