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OH: When it's great, its pretty great. When it falls apart I cuss like a trucker.

sauce: me

referring to all our infrastructure automation tooling.

any AWS/Security peeps out here interested in some work?

Samsung Confirms Critical Security Warning For Millions: Every Galaxy After 2014 Affected

Looks like more image processors are getting fuzzed into exploits. Time to keep an eye out for security updates.

I have vague memories that, once upon a time, automatic IPSec was mandatory in IPv6. Sadly, I ditched my 1995-era IPv6/IPng books years ago. Any fellow geezers remember that, or is my memory tricking me? Want the right facts for #TLSMastery - #netadmin #sysadmin #ipv6

@loke @rysiek

How does being e2e-encrypted and "open-source" already grant a recommendation?

"Experts" should at least take 5-6 more factors into consideration, including the handling of metadata, the organization behind it, centralization tendencies, location of data centers and so on.

Bring back more apprenticeships

The kind where you go chop wood while learning math and geography

want to listen to a friendly human voice (is mine, hiii!) + see a bit of hardcore minecraft played on OpenBSD by a squishy marshmallow novice? :flan_wave:

"Security. People keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means." - #TLSmastery

also can I say I absolutely love the artwork for each of the monsters

White hat? Black hat? Where we're going, we don't need hats.

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