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Playing Dungeons & Dragons to win is the most boring way to play | Dicebreaker

It's a bit heavy fisted with the point but it's still very valid

It's okay if you need to write down a checklist or put a reminder on your phone to make sure you do self care daily.

TIL that you can spoof an incoming host header to an application server.

Let's say you have an XMPP server with BOSH and Websockets enabled and proxied through Nginx.

Let's say you have a web client on You configure it to contact, but the HTTP requests pertaining to the web client send the host header, which the XMPP server is not configured to listen for.

So, configure Nginx to spoof and not forward the Host header:

proxy_set_header Host;

Restart Nginx and it should work.

How did I figure this out? Prosody's mod_http_errors.lua module returns idiosyncratic error messages ("Whatever you were looking for is not here.") Once I figured out that those were not Nginx errors but Prosody errors I knew where to start looking.

For the record, when I write code that should be proxied through a web server, I need to remember to make it clear what's throwing the error when one is thrown ("The Doctor's web application - {error}") to save people some kinetic pattern baldness.

I should write this up.

#nginx #prosody #xmpp #libreops #http #headers

"The Moon" for my #DeckofManyThings illustration project!

“You are granted the ability to cast the wish spell 1d3 times.“
I also have this available on my etsy as a print!
#mastoart #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #dnd5e #tarot #illustration #fantastyart #owl #griffin

Why do I need to give a reason for leaving a job on job applications, why can’t I just say ‘I wasn’t sacked, and that’s all you need to know’

We should really be crowdsourcing hardware/funds for running the fediverse services.

Relying on benefactors only works for so long before it becomes a burden due to situational change.

Friendly reminder to hug your admins and moderators, they probably do more than we know to keep this fun flying experience goin.

Okay this looks pretty compelling... a dicebox with an integrated tablet stand. I'd have to resize this for my hardware, but I think I'm going to print this when I get s'more wood filament in.

:flan_think: I'm a printing fool these days, but the output gear has been pretty interesting

:flan_sign: Will print for food

Metal As A Service

and its not what you think 🤪

@craigmaloney if i had to classify it by comparison, i would say vocal like killswitch, facepunch riffs like soilwork / opeth

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@craigmaloney Got anything similar to ?

Looking for this vibe - that gritty scandinavian prog metal with hauntingly beautiful vocals you wouldn't expect from such a motley bunch

Go do that difficult thing. I believe in you.

After having a bit of a disaster with the extruder (notice the chipped housing) I became really aware of the strain relief the old bracket I printed was doing.

Red upgraded bracket++ (my term) is doing a bang up job and keeps the wire out of harm's way of the moving bed. All in all, a worth it upgrade.

After forgetting to update a vulnerable opensmtpd, I decided to not take any risks and level the VM on which the daemon ran.

I took that as an opportunity to switch from OpenVPN to wireguard.
No issues with wireguard-go on FreeBSD as a central server, and clients being other FreeBSD machines, OpenBSD with the implementation by ncon, Linux, android, and iOS.
Everything working fine.
No more messing with certificates.
Good bye, OpenVPN.

If you want to test OpenBSD with in-kernel wireguard, here is ncons snapshot:

Drug reference, pop culture, D&D 

so, in terms of tabletop race/class combos for D&D 5e, which race/class do you think Macho Man Randy Savage would have been?

I'm considering roleplaying this, sans the cocaine fueled rants, despite how funny it would be to a few at the table 🤔

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