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a cursed phrase, in a blog post telling me why I should rent a model of scooter: "Linux-powered tip detection system"

this is everything wrong with tech today

why does the *tip detection system* need Linux at all

a microcontroller with a couple mercury switches and no OS at all could do this

As you may have read yesterday, Adobe is telling customers using older versions of Creative Cloud that they could be sued (

If you are still using CC, it might be time to consider alternatives which let you actually own software instead of renting it:

#CreativeCloud #Adobe #Alternatives #DeleteAdobe

Windows: Oh here is an RDP vuln being exploited in the wild.
Linux: Pft thats nothing here takes this use-after-free kernel vuln.
Intel: Amatures have 4 NEW side channel attacks!
Adobe: Hold my fucking beer Intel...

As part our commitment to open source, today we are announcing the release of GopenPGP, an open source golang encryption library. This library powers all our apps and has been audited for security by @sec_consult.

a new intel-specific CPU vulnerability has been discovered:

quick facts:
- can be used to leak data between processes, hyperthreads, SGX enclaves, etc
- effects core and xeon CPUs
- CPUs with meltdown mitigations are less effected, but still vulnerable
- this is a hardware issue - OS independent
- can be mitigated by disabling hyperthreading
- proof of concept - one thread is able to access URLs typed into firefox (a different thread)

Do you hear that? It's the raging inferno of the x86 edifice.

I can hear the Intel bucket brigades struggling to quench the flames.

They failed to realize it's a grease fire.

Enjoy all of the different branded vulnerabilities for #Intel CPUs.

#OpenBSD is working on our mitigations for their defective CPUs, but it'll take a little while.

Don't look to the world stage for the good in this world; it was never made for that. Instead, look to your left, look to your right. Look to your friends, look to the people that you love. Look around you at the good that's being done, and the good that needs doing. There are pockets of good everywhere, we just have to learn where to look.

"I wish to thank linux-pam, X11 and systemd developers for not providing anything close to a reference or documentation."

I like my women like I like my coffee.

Strong and given proper credit for their contributions in both the home and the workplace

"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If your are laughing at people who are hurting, it's not satire, it's bullying."

Terry Pratchett

"La satire a pour but de ridiculiser le pouvoir. Si vous vous moquez des gens qui sont déjà blessés, ce n'est pas de la satire, c'est du harcèlement."

boost if you have a cat
boost if you want a cat
boost if you are a cat
no one will know which

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