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I just had this thought 😂 reporting on the fedi is a lot like TOS'ing back in the AOL days.

Anyone recall loading up punterz, room busters, tossers and soylent green? Am I alone in the 90's era visual basic takeover of the single worst online portal (at the time) to exist?

ahhh the "olden days". I think dual core said it best..

"threw away my vbx - moved it to an ocx."

If you're a computer programmer and you've heard of the Dat protocol but looked at the docs and still scratched your head (I was there myself a few months back), there's a new guide that explains in very clear, very detailed language what Dat is and how it works.

Just to be clear, I do not recommend it for non-programmers as that is not the intended audience but I *highly* recommend it for programmers:

Home - Resonance

Another choice cut from the electronic scene in the midwest. Analog Synth wizardry

Shane Newville - Rabbit Funk off his 2001 album Formless. Which has been transformative in the beat scene - you'll find elements of his tracks across the sphere of modern trip hop and downtempo. Who sampled who? the world may never know.

Enjoy this monday jam peeps. :blobcheerbounce:

@medic Just checking in on ya about your pi network.

Good results? :)

Gitea is finally in the process of moving off of GitHub to develop Gitea using Gitea:

We recently set up a Gitea for Kosmos, which we also intend to open to other FOSS projects in the future. Already enjoying it a lot, even though it's a bit rough around the edges still. Core functionality is all there, and also some features GitHub is missing as of now (e.g. native WIP status for PRs, issue dependencies, and others).

c'mon com truise, grant me your super powers

MFW i realize i cannot escape homebrew ORM's.

c'mon man, why the figg is this a recurring theme in my employment. inherit some app that some developer thought they knew better than sqlalchemy's team of crackshot database devs.

*sigh* fine. i'll go debug, and regret decisions.

still a good day though. 📈

idea - I'm going to write a little personal firewall with display that tattles on your laptops network connections.

It'll be coined as "ShutUpComputer" - because our devices with network interfaces have a BIG MOUTH always telling our secrets before we know what's happened.

Thwart it at the source, with ShutUpComputer.

... yeah ok so this wont really happen, but its a nice distraction

I remember....

I remember when download was a thing, before skinny puppy

people are sensitive to burger porn.

un. Real.


today was a really good day at the office.

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