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I just love putting my email into new forms knowing that I'm going to have the shit spammed out of me forever

I hope this year is kinder, gentler and more beautiful to you than the last.

Yes, there is a new round of #hailmary #ssh #password groping (guessing) in progress, since early December 2018 at least - the pattern is strikingly similar to the ones from 10 years ago (, not sure if a new writeup is warranted but I keep hoarding data. And exporting badness data, see for dowloadables.

New phone acquired. Yeesh I hope this one plus 6t fares better than the pixel XL lemon streak I had going

🤔 well this sucks. first pixel had a radio malfunction, the gazelle replacement pixel seems to have just given up the ghost. it gets hot when charging but no amount of will or effort will cause it to turn on.

Somethings just plain poopy about how these are constructed I guess, or i'm very unlucky and have received 2 lemons

Dear Sysadmins:

Sorry. Especially for... yeah that.


And then its like "Well, I just did that to myself.... well... better me than my employer I guess."

Abstract excerpts from conversations I have with fellow sysadmins.

there is no batlisp on the utility belt, for batman has no parens

It’s a fun process and really helps me differentiate between primary light source and ambient light sources. Too bad I suck at it and just end up doing it the rest how I’ve always done it

#art #mastoart #rosalina #smashbros

Holiday mention 

Here's some fanart I did for Crticial Role, it got on the show tonight and I'm really fucking happy about that!

Here's Twiggy! #CriticalRole #mastoart #twiggy #fanart #DnD #kylogramart #art

Found a really fun and cute game on steam. its basically "paper diablo" - but they can't call it that for obvious reasons.

"Book of Demons" is a fantastic beat em up card based jaunt into hell. It runs flawlessly via Photon (Steam Play emulation on linux machines)

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