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I'm pretty bummed about all the speculation at NASA. We're not getting the full story and journalists are chomping at the bit for some kind of story there...

This makes for the "kind of weather" where we may never truly find the real reason.


@thegibson nice. 20.04? It's been the best release so far. So many perf improvements (on desktop) it's astounding.

Still a stable swaying ship on servers.

Glad to see it's getting a flex over there. That's my former co-workers baby 😁👌


Vom markdown files in a git repo. Im a creature of habit


@djsundog precisely where I adopted the habit from 😁👌

@djsundog I use a network share and store the models separate from gcode exports per model/printer/material combo

I also tend to toss gcode that's older than 60 days because my environment isn't super controlled so the settings have usually drifted by then and I'm better off re-slicing. But I also keep a journal of revision notes per model so if I need to recall the fiddly bits I know what my support settings were with a given material.

@tomosaigon I like that analogy, and perhaps that explains the madness - its like the gold fever of the gold-rush era


@thegibson it's chaos engineering at it's median, a typical day on ops at its best. :borglove:

@thegibson I know 😉 I couldn't resist a 2018 era pun out of context.

@matt get their DNS server settings and use dig to verify.

Dig @

As an example using Google DNS. If they have poisoned the tree, you'll come up missing or it'll be different results than you think.

You could try adding dnssec to prevent this but that can be hit/miss as well in my experience. Depends on if the down tree consumer respects dnssec properties.

Good luck

@thegibson that's a huge docker container. Should have used alpine.

*Ducks from the obvious bad joke*

I feel like data science is turning into a mad persons fever dream of boiling the ocean to find insights...

This is also a third party objective view of the practice. Maybe I just know mad data scientist s...

@thegibson i recently had to flex my restore system. It was an overall positive experience.

May your bits ever be in your favor gibs.

(Post was re-drafted)

@sungo I'm telling myself I need a third printer like I need another computer....

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