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@estoricru ow :flan_hug: i'm glad nothing was hurt but our mutual, collective, pride.

I've been there done similar 😁 opslife

Taking a break from the adrenaline.

Today's down tempo coffee shop mix by seven beats music. Who has been killin it lately

@estoricru oh good. not that there was an error but that its not a defunct system

Asking for urgent help, PayPal link 

@estoricru if i may be nosey, which registrar is dragging feet?

When did "spying" become "data collection"?

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@pamela I have some pretty serious chiptunes going on in my head and its indirectly credited to your generic tropical flowers


@viciousviscosity So far its 50/50, we're giving and taking equally (I started off today going to kick its butt.. we'll see how it finishes out :flan_sf: )

you have the right to scream at ass; if you are unable to scream at own ass, an ass will be provided for you

@kyle get in touch with the editors and do it anyway :flan_shrug: There's nothing saying you all couldn't carry a torch of the former publication in your own way.

the man from del monte - Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 64

rolling right into this heavy hitter that i have in heavy rotation.

Sexual harassment was wrong in the 50s. It was wrong in the 80s. It is wrong today.

There is no statute of limitations on social interactions.

The Internet is helping people come together to claim their power and hold those *in* power accountable.

I hope that this is only the beginning.

And I hope that racism gets the same treatment.

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