@ldurrant i feel influences from pikmin, no mans sky, and omgah linux? thats a trifecta of feels

:borglove: Excellent artwork πŸ‘

@remotenemesis πŸ˜‚ I had never heard this but I'm glad I searched after reading your reply!

@thegibson @sungo @DistroJunkie

I may be late to the party with this one, but look @ what I just found. I suddenly have a craving for pancakes...


@aspittel embedded systems. it'll challenge you to operate within a hardware limited boundary and teach you more areas of systems development than typical app development.

@staticsafe i run mine on a cheap dime by using an arm board, network storage, and then its just the cpu/network cost.

Were you using cloud infra to host it?

2019: The year we lactosed the intolerant

πŸ₯› 🍼

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@FssOfDeath @thurloat oh I just meant on his public timeline. Same re: cold turkey toot as start of thread

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