What a day! Happy its over 🙇 nothing -bad- per-say happened, but it was a long one.

Lots of heads-down cleanup of garbage I've committed over the last week in haste.

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Boost this to let the admin of botsin.space know you appreciate their work. <3

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@pamela i think i found it! you totally waited out my ignorance :flan_heckk:

> Contact me for a quote regarding any wishes, dreams, hopes and incredibly ill-advised plots. (I like that last one best).

I totally have an ill advised plot i'd like to commission

@pamela ok, i feel like i'm missing the obvious. do i just toot @ you to set this up or is there a form? :)

@staticsafe heckin yeah, cant wait to see your dashboard pr0n surface :)

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'The EEG data, on the other hand, revealed that certain magnetic field rotations could trigger strong and reproducible brain responses. One EEG pattern known from existing research, called alpha-ERD (event-related desynchronization), typically shows up when a person suddenly detects and processes a sensory stimulus.'


@staticsafe my dude, i *love* netdata.

Looks like you have some options for historical archival with prometheus


@kemonine @thegibson we are of the same mind/body/soul.

carry on my dudes

@valvin @kemonine you've done some extensive work here trialing photo management software haven't you? or am i misremembering?

sorry of this CC is of no use in advance.

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Do you have any suggestion of a photo manager program which identifies picture using tags / description.

My goal is to create a personal references pictures library for drawing. In order to find quickly references I've selected myself.

I'm testing https://www.tagspaces.org/ but I'm not 100% happy with it (mostly ergonomy).

It could be great that software is available on desktop (linux) and smartphone (android) using a file synchronization.

Thank you

#picture #drawing #opensource #art

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@galaxis its been about on par for me. 🤞 nothing broke

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A nice thing about Mastodon is you can say "screaming my face off for no reason at the Wendy's Drive-Thru" and you don't immediately get Official Wendy's™️ asking you how they can make your Wendy's experience better

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