@hackerman your header looks super familiar, whats that from?

I FINALLY FOUND THE FIRE REMIX 🔥 Thank you Hybrid for this aural piece of pure ear-sex.


Now to track down my favorite drum track off defcon radio. SomaFM and their inconsistent tagging is diving me batshit :)

Watch "Building A Water Cooled Raspberry Pi 4 Cluster" on YouTube

Pretty fun project. It's a nice twist on the traditional pi cluster.

The year is 2021, computers are still a mistake.

Thank you for all the suggestions! I'll start compiling these. :blobfingerguns: y'all are the best

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So far I have some Junkie XL in here - and its not really ambient :flan_coffee: :flan_shrug:

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Fedi friends, I need your help. 🎵 Can you send me suggestions for ambient music?

I'm running a magic-punk themed campaign in Ravnica (MTG universe - so gene splicing, magic punk, corporation vs corporation, sprawling under-city) crossed with Acquisitions Inc. so its over-arching theme is dismantling the machine from the inside.

Think - [cyberpunk 2077|netrunner|shadowrun] x w/ the office.

The Future of Ops Careers – The New Stack

I for one, appreciate the perspective charity has lent this topic.


You run through the forest
Away from it all
You soak in the current
With your back to the wall
You swim through the tides
When the summer calls
You follow the sounds of
The waterfall

I follow to the edge
And I fall to the floor
I swim in circles
And I drift evermore
It seems I can’t remember
Who I was before
I’m floating in an ocean
That I can’t explore

But I can hang on to the surface
In flowing, oscillated time
My lungs are filling up with water
But I won’t sink to the void

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@theruran I figure its only a short matter of time until we build -everything- on top of ASM.js

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