dammit stop with the cargo culted password requirements and use 2FA

I'm running a friendly game of D&D 5e to help relieve monotony and stress during lockdowns. Do you want to play?

We're playing on Thursday 20:00-22:00 UTC (note this is *UTC* time, please convert for your local timezone).

New players welcome! I'm told I'm not a bad teacher. You don't need to own any D&D books or dice.

Experienced players are welcome too!

We play on Mumble, an open source voice chat client, so bandwidth is super low.

Message me to sign up.

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@gled That crossed my news feed yesterday too 😂

Feels like we're going out of our way to put it in more than one place, which is good.

the poor sod who has to trek the arctic to retrieve said foss backup?


Just had a thought, please don't make fun, I'm seriously.
Is there a place where you can send "online letters" - not email? I want to be pen pals with one of my friends I barely see, but emails tends to get lost in the stream and the aesthetic is awful. I was just wondering if there was a place where you could craft messages that felt or looked a bit more like a physical letter.
(and please, I don't need any, 'you can do that with e-mails are you stupid').

Reminder that tomorrow is April Food's Day, so prepare to bring your favorite recipes to share with other users.

This is 100% not a joke and there will be no pranks associated with Food Day

@craigmaloney On second thought, save that one for the sequel stream. :blobfingerguns:

@craigmaloney I see you've been talking to the service industry again - this is eerily accurate only you've skipped the 10 department transfer tax.

So, @rachelnabors@twitter.com, @NikkitaFTW@twitter.com @gurlcode@twitter.com and @_phzn@twitter.com are organizing a online Women of React conference on April 25, it's free you can enjoy it from your couch!!!


Okay, I'm here. Listening.

🤗 ❤️

I think at this point and time I'd be better served by listening than talking... because my brain is like:

TBH I miss hugs. that is all.

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Currently, there are two large problems in IT:
- hospital networks security
- workable videoconferencing for more than 8 people

Remember the time when we thought cache invalidation is hard? Quaint.

If anyone tries to tell you rent forgiveness or rent strike is extreme or radical in these times just show them this:

U.S. Retailers Plan to Stop Paying Rent to Offset Virus Closures


@seafrog Fantastic tolkein script. Your calligraphic skills are 😗 👌

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