Having a large conversation over on discord with some friends about the SFC ditch-github post; and the replies were pretty on the nose.

The most appropriate reply; which is not new to many old-timers in the sphere, but deserves reposting:

give people a decentralized distributed system and they will centralize it

This one comes out of the gate hard af


Breakdown of Sanity - Black Smoke (single)

@sungo same, and it's a fking monopoly on the blog space it feels like

@rysiek The call is coming from inside the house 😱

Frankenstein printer is back up and running - prelim Calicat print came out great save for some stringing.

Credit for the models goes to Loot Studio


High quality miniature files in 32 and 75 mm varieties, across several campaigns spanning the last 2 years with new releases and specials monthly.

</end shill>

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Still need curing and cleaning but this last batch came out great. So happy the FEP replacement was a success.

My mini fabricator is doing a great job.

@ieure Oh I know the community is large and these machines require constant attention/maintenance/tinkering. ;)

Interesting, apparently I also damaged the Y axis limiter switch. Egads the grinding of the stepper motors is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

It took me a bit to track this down too. The negative pol on the connector had pulled loose. I guess this means too much stress on the cabling. So that was another soldering adventure - but it's all fixed up now with less-permanent attachments.

I used the RPI breadboard receivers that I had lying around.

Thermistor and Heating element fixed ✅ in all reality I spent too long being worried about the polarity of them. Considering I had to splice the wires 🤦‍♂️ but at least that’s done. (Hint: Polarity on heating elements and thermistors don't matter apparently)

Next up; extruded motor and Bowden tubes then full cycle testing 🙌

Assessing the damage: looks like the main culprits were a damaged thermistor wire; a clogged Bowden tube and a clogged nozzle.

The original heat block must have gone over temp and it just slagged so much stuff. I’m lucky I didn’t create a fire.

But the new block, tube, and heating assembly appear to have been basically drop in replacements. Working on getting an octoprint and setup so I can give this bad jammer a trial run

benchmarking the vim4 

@ada This is pretty cool Ada, I picked up a Khadas VIM3 to run Home Assistant. It's got a bit of a premium cost, but the board itself seems pretty stable and capable.

Watching with interest to see how the vim4 compares w/ the extra cores.

Another round of mini photos incoming soon. I just pulled the last batch off the printer (and subsequently discovered I have a nipple on my FEP - which is sub-optimal. Replacement sheets are OTW)

This brings me to right around my 30-45 mini mark (per bottle) (32mm sizes) with around 8 fails while I figured out how to support unsupported minis.

It's been a fascinating ride

A somewhat dated post, but still very appropriate to anyone who cares about the experience.


Disclaimer: I know the author, I believe the author's points are valid, and no - I don't feel the need to change your mind irrespective on how different our view points may be.

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