Take a simple step for your rights today by wearing an EFF enamel pin. These pins remind those around you to use encrypted messaging, choose strong passphrases, and enable two-factor authentication. supporters.eff.org/shop/securi t.co/nF0i9OvegG

Hong Kong's High Court rules that the mask ban introduced by the government under emergency powers is unconstitutional.

#HongKongProtests #AntiMaskLaw #news

ME: do-release-upgrade
SERVER: Really? Over ssh? Are you sure?

@vertigo yeah, looks like it. An overlay vpn that's xplatform and uses identity instead of ip cidrs to do filtering and makes a pretty big claim that it's fast and low overhead

:flan_think:​ There's a new onion emoji in unicode but we don't have it to use yet. That does seem a strange omission, so I knocked up this quick temporary to grab if you would like: :onion:

cc @irl

90% chance my sisters tell me to fuck off at Christmas Β°

The linter errors on CI will continue until morale improves

job issues bad faith and WTF 

@returntrip protip: you can use restic on those named volumes as well.

You just have to use the volume mount path for restic's backups, which are a serialized UUID that can be found with `docker volume ls` and typically found in `/var/lib/docker/volumes`

Not that its necessarily any better than using bind mounts, just spreading the knowledge that its completely doable :)

anyone have a link to a good intro guide to the mastodon ui and overall breakdown in how federation works?

I seem to have a broken link saved

#LibreOps #Help #HelpWelcome #Advice

Well, today is back to the grind. Vacation was well received and I'm sad that it's over.

I am not currently watching She-Ra. My husband, however, is.

Checkmate, 80s toxic masculinity

@thegibson I'm so down to play this franchise

Smells like what I'll be up to Monday

I was going to live toot my ramen o Rama adventure but I'm so busy eating and line shifting it's a lot to balance in two hands but OMG y'all

I'm in my element and have found my people

Ramen with a delicious wagyu brazed shortrib topper πŸ˜šπŸ‘Œ

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