You run through the forest
Away from it all
You soak in the current
With your back to the wall
You swim through the tides
When the summer calls
You follow the sounds of
The waterfall

I follow to the edge
And I fall to the floor
I swim in circles
And I drift evermore
It seems I can’t remember
Who I was before
I’m floating in an ocean
That I can’t explore

But I can hang on to the surface
In flowing, oscillated time
My lungs are filling up with water
But I won’t sink to the void

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@theruran I figure its only a short matter of time until we build -everything- on top of ASM.js

@thegibson I did not. But i'm definitely in the stadium section of "rowdy crowd cheering"

@selea Survey says: the evidence does not support the statement.

@cypnk Lovely illustration discoveries :borglove:

Thanks for the share, it made my morning :)

@kemonine Not something I thought would be coming so soon, but also totally warranted.

🤗 thanks for all the effort and transparency mate. It's been a solid run and we made some good discoveries and friends along the way.

Lollipop will live on in the hearts and minds of those who followed us. Its not something you can easily squash by removing servers :)

Good luck on the next adventure and recouping of spoons.

Y'all have been busy as fuck since I left. Well done fedi. Taking to the streets and fighting for what's right.

I'm proud of you.

Now I'll do my best to join your efforts. :borglove:

"The cognitive dissonance that results is part of the discomfort which is experienced at this point in the process of [abandoning racism]. ... Responses to this discomfort may include denying the validity of the information that is being presented, or psychologically or physically withdrawing from it. The logic is, 'If I don't read about racism, talk about racism...or spend time with those people of color, I won't have to feel uncomfortable'" (Tatum, p. 98)

"While the task for people of color is to resist negative societal messages and develop an empowered sense of self in the face of a racist society... the task for Whites is to develop a positive White identity based in reality, not assumed in superiority.... Each person must become aware of [their] whiteness, accept it as personally and socially significant... in the context of a commitment to a just society" (Tatum, p. 94)

great book you should read about forming racial identity and how white people relate to its destruction. its called "why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria" by dr. beverly tatum

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I'm pretty bummed about all the speculation at NASA. We're not getting the full story and journalists are chomping at the bit for some kind of story there...

This makes for the "kind of weather" where we may never truly find the real reason.


@thegibson nice. 20.04? It's been the best release so far. So many perf improvements (on desktop) it's astounding.

Still a stable swaying ship on servers.

Glad to see it's getting a flex over there. That's my former co-workers baby 😁👌


Vom markdown files in a git repo. Im a creature of habit


@djsundog precisely where I adopted the habit from 😁👌

@djsundog I use a network share and store the models separate from gcode exports per model/printer/material combo

I also tend to toss gcode that's older than 60 days because my environment isn't super controlled so the settings have usually drifted by then and I'm better off re-slicing. But I also keep a journal of revision notes per model so if I need to recall the fiddly bits I know what my support settings were with a given material.

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