@kurtm @sblaydes @mwlucas this makes me feel old. I’ve silently adopted code notation but didn’t know the class deprecation details- I guess I’m having an idiot savant moment?

@hypoAF hi, we’ve not interacted ever and you keep sending follow requests.

What’s up?

Strong imagery, body horror, shitposting 

So my merit badges of positivity are slowly turning into shitposts.

Today's merit badge:

Post-job fatigue 

@dredmorbius this is solid advice and I hope more people click in to read it.


Hey, I'm chuck - a pretty run of the mill geek. I like , , and interactive . You might say I have a problem.

I've been a professional software dev for the last 12 years working in major projects. My claims to fame are contributions to and from .

I fancy myself a DJ, and used to host a nightly show on . But that feels like ages ago, now i just make mixtapes.


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In the welcoming spirit, its probably good to do another introduction post for @adam

Everyone, if you can take a moment to welcome my dear friend @adam to the fediverse, it'd be much appreciated!

He's a super talented software developer, passionate about open source. Not to mention he's a bang up writer!

I couldn't be happier to see you here my friend!

Welcome aboard!

@devinprater To anyone following up on this, please go add bug heat to the issue.

That's the best way to signal to canonical engineers is if the bug gets enough "heat" to get prioritized over current monetary objectives.

Subscribing and marking the issue as "affects me" will contribute to bug heat in the launchpad platform


Justin Johnson - Dark Blues Music to Escape to...

perfect mood music for my upcoming D&D Campaign - sets the mood nicely.

I'm at a point i need to "upgrade my desk" - i have an ikea sit/stand combo. Open poll for suggestions - i can either replace the legs + motor on this desk or invest in something new. Curious if anyone has strong opinions about this because i've not desk shopped in about 8 years.

I'm leaning towards replacing the motor+legs, but this desk is apparently known for the motor going bad within a few years of purchase.

"buy it nice or buy it twice" feels appropo

@pmosetc have you per chance seen “girlfriend reviews” on YouTube? She does game reviews from the backseat gamer perspective and while not the original intent of this toot - totally gave me those vibes initially- you may enjoy it. Highly recommend starting with “it takes two “ or “stardew valley” reviews if diving in.

@ieure this sounds intriguing- what’s the possibility of feeding that lcd extant data for display like a keyboard based gkrellm?

@sungo that being said, I can see keeping it as a curio, perhaps when the printer space has evolved that sentimentality will be a grounding influence or keep the spark alive

@sungo tbh I want to go resin next, like an elegoo or similar

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