And just spritz some Windex at it and wait 15 seconds. Magical things happen

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the fediverse would pay top dollar in crowd funding for puppet based explainer videos

Still one of my favorite videos

Devon Crawford - Downloading My Private Google Data, this is what I found

slack has :man_in_steamy_room: and :woman_in_steamy_room: emoji


people are sensitive to burger porn.

un. Real.

there's a delete-and-redraft button. PERFECT for fixing your typo'd toots.

hattip @Gargron

Ey followers, if you're at all interested in the history of infosec culture / lore follow the tag. Our very own @thegibson is tossing out a bunch of lore. Some of which i'm just now learning about, others I already knew from way old 2600 / txt philes.


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