is spring cleaning your cloud (*other people's computers/platform) projects something people do?

Just deleted somewhere around 35 unused assets and it feels goooooood.


So, you mean to tell me after you reach 100 advertised BGP routes in a cloud router, per region, it just silently flaps and you get WARNs in the log?

it took me three days to find this issue, because redundant routing is amazing. Routes flap? shit just takes another path. Thanks!

Now when two of those paths go down due to the route flap - because apparently BGP is a FIFO pseudo randomized list? (j/k)

It's Aliveeee

Nah really this was like 6:30 last night. Around 10pm I had the full board wired up with a python flask app to control the relay via gpio.

It's nice, now I need an rpi zero for the controller and I think this is as good as done.

Gluster Filesystem Update: as i've progressed into expanding the storage cluster (from 3 to 4 hosts, with another 4 on deck) - I expanded and rebalanced lastnight.

the entire process took about 8 hours to complete, and the stats are pretty interesting to look at.

End result: still happy, not overly so, but happy enough :)

Upgraded the decade old tower at my moms and replaced it with an alternative to a nuc. Feels good to get her on something more modern and managed 😊

Remember folks. Windows 7 support dies off next year, so if you've got a loved one, don't leave them hanging.

As kind of a pro lifehack tip... I discovered something excellent when dealing with the Tobii eye tracker (it looks like an xbox kinect camera)

Use a piece of 3m photo hanging velcro adhesive. This way you can disconnect the connective metal plate and move it to another monitor (eg: between desktop and laptop)

You wouldn't think to make it removeable at first blush - but its definitely going to help until we can get another magnet base for the tobii.

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The build is complete save for a Bluetooth module. Lots of room to grow, as you can see. The neons are just some added flare of the case mfg. Thermal take makes a pretty solid case. With a plexiglass viewing area this is everything "low end mlg".

The 1660ti is buttery smooth on the gaming front. Tested against ark and smite. Also super impressed with steam and mapping the quadstick. It "just works".

We got so involved I didn't take any action photos, there's always next weekend 🀣

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Hey crowd, Happy Sysadmin day!

You may not have a ton of users, and your songs may be unsung, but you stand among the greats. Join us, and take your place along side us, and celebrate a day that recognizes you and your contributions to the world around you, no matter how big or small.

Ok y'all

Here's my weekend project. My nephew is a Quadriplegic and I'm undertaking building a PC (MR) gaming rig.

Thus far, his interface with the world is primarily an xbox one, a quadstick, and bluetooth headphones.

I aim to replicate this, to the best of my ability, but i also want to try and mix in tobii eye tracking, and potentially some voice assistant features.

Win 10 is the likely candidate here, as I dont think *nix has a good VA, or Tobii.

Any suggestions / pitfalls?

Just in case it was missed, that's what these little boxes are. Tiny wireguard units, that provide ad blocking, network routing, and cache services for my network of apps and friends.

All the real heavy lifting happens in my lab, or it gets pushed to the edge of my edge network 😁

So tell me, what would you do with 32gb at an edge location?

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Working on a dashboard for the WireGuard services now. It's really coming along quickly

Ready to share your website on the fedi and don't know if your server can handle it? give it a little warm up with bombardier

bombardier -c 200 -d 60s -l

use 200 concurrent connections, over 60 seconds, hammer

it'll give you latency distribution, response aggregates, and its really quite fast compared to older tools like ab or siege.

I got a little impatient waiting for the ears to print so I went ahead and started assembling the caddy and carts.

The three orange carts on the end signify the three static pet servers, and the rest will be filled with rockpro64 and rpi 3/rpi3b+ units to handle floating tasks.

I'll have to print some extensions for behind the rack mount fans, as this dense setup is going to get hot. But all in all, it's coming along.

Ok, the wiring is the first thing to go. This 12 gauge is intended for wiring houses not my platters.

I also have an idea to bolt the power into the fan casing but that can be a future iteration. For now I'm going to revel that it's all working and temp tests are positive (operating at a cool 62f while running crush maps)

And with that, I call it a night

Ok! Progress. I hooked up the bread board and got the fan spinning on the rails, so step 1 complete. Now to figure out PWM and what kind of maths i'll need to do to control the fan speed if i do indeed wish to arduino control this thing. I'm half tempted to just run it off the rails at full tilt for the duration πŸ€”

The fan shroud looks like it's going to work just fine. Now all that's left is the temp sensor, fan mount and shield, and some Arduino programming to drive the relay and PWM.

@drwho Excellent post this weekend πŸ™‡ I'm looking forward to the writeup!

Upgraded all storage in the unit: βœ”οΈ
Upgraded Video Card: βœ”οΈ
Swapped Win10 for linux: βœ”οΈ

back in action!

- this time, with 100% more libre.

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Joy, my steam rig has started freezing about 2 minutes after boot. Looks like I know what my next project is

Double Compressed gif for maximum effort

Printing a spool holder, that was not for my model. But the timelapse is nice.

has been back burnered for a week while I continue setting up the fablab. stay tuned :)

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