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:flan_headphones: why yes, i am listening to my headphones at a reasonable volume, thank you for noticing

Why yes, I have been running containers since I was particulate matter. Neat thing is the raspberry pi isn't even 49 years old.

Way to go computer, you had one job.

RSAC 2019: TLS Markets Flourish on the Dark Web | Threatpost

Damn, selling authentic extended calid certs with duns? Total Inside job imo.

We're safe because we use digicert ev!

Hammering the CephFS shared storage for testing purposes :)

I wish the graph wasn't so crowded. I haven't found a css tweak to fix it yet but maybe that'll shake out on its own.

Showing off the Ceph dashboard that ships with rook. This is the "hot storage" leg of my setup. It provides floating storage as either:

- Raw block devices (RBD)
- Shared Multi-Tennant Filesystems (similar to NFS, via CephFS)

This grants me the flexibility of giving workloads their own disk, or sharing disk paths between several pods of several deployments that need to share volumes of data as normal op. pro.

restic backups drop snapshots in cold storage for restore / disaster.

Rise and grind ☕

I beleive where I left off is i had hot storage working, and I had just started the cold storage device labels and layout.

Things are starting to look a lot more like their old selves

Pretty jazzed about functional floating storage. not gonna lie

This has been a long time coming :borglove:

yassssss!! Finally

All the nucs enlisted with bluestore osd's.

thats 3 1TB WD Red 2.5" NAS drives i had lying around as "scratch" meaning likely to fail. but this is the start of something beautiful.

I'm putting this poor little pi through the paces of its life right now

🤔 I guess its time to party y'all. I'm making pools so dress for a pool party :rimshot:

So far so good. Looks like the mons are coming online

There we go, now its getting interesting.

Mixed architecture in the readout, and some good labeling on the nodes metadata for nodeselectors

Now the stateful stuff can start to live.

Hacking around on the NUC's considering keeping them online as my AMD64 units... at least until i've proven rook on arm :)

Even running gitea/memcached/postgres on the same host, at idle, its less than 1/2 consumed - plenty of capacity to grow and burst through the workloads needs

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