The fan shroud looks like it's going to work just fine. Now all that's left is the temp sensor, fan mount and shield, and some Arduino programming to drive the relay and PWM.

@sungo QQ: that front right corner as pictured, its up a bit from the bed. help me grokk whats happening

do we think this is bed adhesion issue or is it more likely i've got a hot zone on the bed and its causing the corner to slightly warp?

also, cant wait to bust open the wood filament and join the ranks of 100% of the people who buy wood filament and print a groot

One of my more ambitious prints, 11.5 hours to go on this 22 hour print

And as a surprise to noone, Ubuntu is gonna Install just fine

@sungo Here's my first ever PETG print, and it failed just as gloriously as I expected it to :P

the first chunk is the foot. and idk how that happened, but the entire cat moved πŸ˜‚ RIP

There are those who collect rare pepe memes. Then theres me, fine purveyor of rare flan.

I love this and cannot wait to frame it 😍

Subtootin like its mah jerb Show more

Hi my names chuck @ the linux lab. I wrote about only BSD's last year.

I have no idea why any of you listen to me

Filament guide holder, its a tiny print, but it was a tiny job. GIF of the timelapse, final product shot attached to the printer frame.

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