Whatever you love, do that.

Missing my former co-workers a bit today. Hope y'all are doing great!

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@cwebber i see it too, and i cant un-see it. you've done this to me :|

While searching for a good image for i discovered this little zombie toast plushie and desire to have one of my own

Any space sandbox simulator fans out there?

X4 is coming November 30'th and it looks pretty great :) I got pretty lost in the X franchise around the early 2000's and it was a fantastic time

Bonus for them using Vulkan, I have fingers crossed this shows up on the protondb with a gold or better rating

Here's the handout of the South West Raurin Desert region.

The campaign starts out in Brallizzar where the group encounters a wizard who charges them to investigate the prophecy of Martek, a great and powerful wizard whom imprisoned Khalitharius an Efreet wreaking havoc upon the entirety of the Raurin region.

I do so love the cartography aspect of a good D&D Campaign.

I've been translating the Desert of Desolation campaign from old into a 5e adventure with some kit i picked up on drivethroughrpg earlier in the year.

This is going to be epic (spoiler alert this segment of the map accounts for 1/20'th of the adventure)

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