Frankenstein printer is back up and running - prelim Calicat print came out great save for some stringing.

Still need curing and cleaning but this last batch came out great. So happy the FEP replacement was a success.

My mini fabricator is doing a great job.

Thermistor and Heating element fixed ✅ in all reality I spent too long being worried about the polarity of them. Considering I had to splice the wires 🤦‍♂️ but at least that’s done. (Hint: Polarity on heating elements and thermistors don't matter apparently)

Next up; extruded motor and Bowden tubes then full cycle testing 🙌

Assessing the damage: looks like the main culprits were a damaged thermistor wire; a clogged Bowden tube and a clogged nozzle.

The original heat block must have gone over temp and it just slagged so much stuff. I’m lucky I didn’t create a fire.

But the new block, tube, and heating assembly appear to have been basically drop in replacements. Working on getting an octoprint and setup so I can give this bad jammer a trial run

This print came out really well. Probably one of the nicest FDM prints I've made in quite some time.

I'm looking forward to priming and painting this little guy when I'm feeling better.

@cwebber they really nailed the whole "reddit" vibe here w/ these response generators.

Two helpful 1 obviously rail-roady response.

so, EBPF is an efficient sandbox used for sandboxing stuff. got it.

slide courtesy of Brendan Gregg

Anyone else playing Valheim?

I may or may not have fallen into this building challenge for a couple weeks :)

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