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Flow diagram of how 4 malformed packets propagated and took down Century Link for about a day and a half last year.

It's Aliveeee

Nah really this was like 6:30 last night. Around 10pm I had the full board wired up with a python flask app to control the relay via gpio.

It's nice, now I need an rpi zero for the controller and I think this is as good as done.

the cool breeze of the AC warped the corners slightly, but the print came out extremely well in spite of that. I can use smaller screws or spacers to make up for the variance on this print.

A 4 channel relay enclosure complete with access holes, view ports for the LEDS and a super compact form factor.

Today's working album of choice:

Tor - Drum Therapy

heavily influenced by the far eastern sound, Tor takes you on a journey through global music. Easy to listen to, easy to have as a background, and comes up often in rotation. This year alone it's gotten 237 plays on my media server across 6 users.

Not bad :)

Gluster Filesystem Update: as i've progressed into expanding the storage cluster (from 3 to 4 hosts, with another 4 on deck) - I expanded and rebalanced lastnight.

the entire process took about 8 hours to complete, and the stats are pretty interesting to look at.

End result: still happy, not overly so, but happy enough :)

And here's another dongle i'll buy, use once, and probably stuff in the "bucket of misc. tech garbage that i wont throw away for another decade because what if i need it"

but here's the SATA based M2 adapter that I came up with.

please forgive me for ordering from Amazon :\

Well, shame. It looks like my nvme enclosure won't read sata m2 disks, I'll have to try again with a pcie based nvme.

🤔 Now the question is, can I find an external adapter for this one off ssd based m2 disk? I really should have done the extraction before shipping off that toaster this lived in. Ah well, live and learn.

Upgraded the decade old tower at my moms and replaced it with an alternative to a nuc. Feels good to get her on something more modern and managed 😊

Remember folks. Windows 7 support dies off next year, so if you've got a loved one, don't leave them hanging.

The build is complete save for a Bluetooth module. Lots of room to grow, as you can see. The neons are just some added flare of the case mfg. Thermal take makes a pretty solid case. With a plexiglass viewing area this is everything "low end mlg".

The 1660ti is buttery smooth on the gaming front. Tested against ark and smite. Also super impressed with steam and mapping the quadstick. It "just works".

We got so involved I didn't take any action photos, there's always next weekend 🤣

Hey crowd, Happy Sysadmin day!

You may not have a ton of users, and your songs may be unsung, but you stand among the greats. Join us, and take your place along side us, and celebrate a day that recognizes you and your contributions to the world around you, no matter how big or small.

Well, this explains why I'm happy I'm done with massive disk arrays in a single chassis

Im unreasonably upset by the state of packaging in Ubuntu's new snappy paradigm.

Imho, two promises have been broken here.

1) that i can use this utility with containers to keep my dev system pristine.

2) that care was taken to ensure the onboarding experience isn't a trashfire.

404's in the docs, outdated output in the examples, keys that plain and simple throw errors that are documented. a docker container that hasn't worked at all.

:( I've got 2 hours invested in this, lets sink s'more

Memory usage comparison between editors opening the following file:

int main() {
printf("Hello, world!\n");

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