Ok one final clipart before i go, because i'm on one today

Whomever said that the CLI DOESNT NEED EMOJI has clearly never used a cli powered youtube player....

and its glorious. sorry not sorry.

long live heiroglyphs

I really need to dig in and do some date calculations so the disconnected hosts turn the gauge red. But all in all I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. 24 hour utilization report is quite handy in verifying the hub of the hub/spoke architecture is working well.

Just in case it was missed, that's what these little boxes are. Tiny wireguard units, that provide ad blocking, network routing, and cache services for my network of apps and friends.

All the real heavy lifting happens in my lab, or it gets pushed to the edge of my edge network 😁

So tell me, what would you do with 32gb at an edge location?

Working on a dashboard for the WireGuard services now. It's really coming along quickly

Building out network services for the edge network. First stop - ridding ads for all the constituent networks.

I'm also quite pleased that after 40 minutes of operation, only 8 requests were filtered :)

Note: i wont actually see the client making the request, as they will be masqed behind the gateway node.

Though this may be the start of something beautiful

I think I like the chacha of orange and black on these little boogers too

And that's a printed housing for the first remote shield p.o.p. I'm def getting excited for wireguard testing with this little dude

Nothing says Friday like dremeling a part to try and figure out what a fit tolerance would be.

I'm getting handy with tinkercad 🤔

well, this is a pleasant surprise. I finally boot up the other board, and whats supposed to be a 2GB unit is a 4GB unit! :blobcheerbounce:

That's a nice freebie!

And what wasn't pictured:

The four prints used to dial it in. This was all spatial with the blueprint on friendly elec, some newbie level tinkercad, and patience.

Luckily the print times reduced a bit the further I tweaked the model until the flimsy extraction. Final print model though is 👌with a quick drill to expand the hole.

I'm pretty happy I went for something far less ambitious than the hc1 enclosure.

This is the first object I've drafted and printed. It's a nano pi m4 riser to keep it off the table top. Sturdy enough to just set it on a fan as well 😜

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