Anyone else playing Valheim?

I may or may not have fallen into this building challenge for a couple weeks :)

You can print anything they said, it's only limited by your imagination they said

@sungo though I do have an interesting conundrum I've been battling. Yesterday the mini started acting off.. I couldn't place my finger on it but the proof is in the print.

Ever see this? Almost consistent gaps in material in both the side walls and top wall

On the bright side, it looks amazing 😁☝️

On the unlucky side, it appears to be fused to the build plate...

Ahhh that fresh smell of progress first thing in the morning.

The mini factory is in full tilt and I couldn't be happier about this. Remind me I said that when I have a slew of meetings today...

Minis featured in this post are from rocket pig games.

Fun with tabletop minis on an FDM vol 1597

Bed adhesion? Bed adhesion.

However the detail is getting much better, so my settings are definitely coming more in alignment with the results i'm trying to achieve.

Here we go again. Now that my workday is winding down time to try and print some minis again!

Also, @sungo I've found that the super tiny binder clips work pretty well at keeping the borosilicate glass in place. This is probably the cheapest option next to say... Permamounting with jb weld.


Following suit with the community, I have graduated to semi transparent filament. Looking forward to printing with this over the weekend

Okay this looks pretty compelling... a dicebox with an integrated tablet stand. I'd have to resize this for my hardware, but I think I'm going to print this when I get s'more wood filament in.

:flan_think: I'm a printing fool these days, but the output gear has been pretty interesting

:flan_sign: Will print for food

After having a bit of a disaster with the extruder (notice the chipped housing) I became really aware of the strain relief the old bracket I printed was doing.

Red upgraded bracket++ (my term) is doing a bang up job and keeps the wire out of harm's way of the moving bed. All in all, a worth it upgrade.

If it isn't one thing it's another. I'm going to have to get serious about securing this build plate glass. The layer shifting is unfortunate.

@sungo okay, finally got something I think is mountworthy and appropriately sized

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