Having the "real talk" with a co-worker on DAW's in slack. My feels about this extend beyond audio production software.

I wish FLOSS DAW's were better, but they aren't.

@chuck The one that's been briniging me joy is Bespoke, but yeah, compared with the "pro stuff it's more of a curiosity.

@craigmaloney I was a huge fan of BitWig when they had a perpetual license (also the DAW we're discussing here in this segment of the chat).

Their move from a PL to Sub really devastated me. Especially when you consider I've paid around $1000 for this DAW over the lifetime of usage between version upgrades.

Now its just an expense to sink the ship of creativity. I believe in paying authors of software but the kings ransom for DAW's is kind of ridiculous.

@chuck Ugh. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the perpetual sink of subscription models. I definitely believe in paying folks for their work, but "in perpetuity" is a bit much, especially for musicians that don't tend to get paid in perpetuity.

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