tech griping 

I'm getting annoyed at all the consumer-aiming being done by tech companies jumping into the VPN game; and then marketing it as "Up your privacy game".

Like, sorry folks.

I'm not advocating you go without on public networks, but shilling VPNs is not the answer to surveillance capitalism and "taking back privacy".

tech griping 

@chuck The over marketing of VPNs are so annoying, they all market themselves as the holy grail of privacy, but hiding your IP address is only useful if you cover everything else too.

What good is a VPN if you're just logged into your accounts, while running on a browser with 10-15 extensions.

They're a great tool for security, but they're only really a privacy tool when other steps are taken.

Nord and ExpressVPN are very guilty of this.

tech griping 


"I don't want my ISP (from the same country as me) seeing what I'm doing on the internet"
"So you're OK with your VPN provider (in another country) seeing what you're doing on the internet?"
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