@ieure I was sent this from @selea yesterday. But it's worthy of a retoot on your Bandcamp Friday list

@ieure @selea Check out Wargblod on that album. I've had it on near repeat

It slaps so hard I've been grinding out to their discog since yesterday afternoon

@chuck @ieure

And I just realized that they are swedish too!!!! wat!
I have been listening to them for years!


Also, could not find them on bandcamp, and maybe you already heard of them:

And I could find what I think, is the best one from them - but look for "As I Lay Dying - The Toll It Takes"

It is glorious

@selea Yeah I've been a fan of AILD for a long time

Great rec :flan_headphones:

@selea Do you listen to Arch Enemy? Similar to AILD, female frontman, and she growls like no other (both of them)

I'll leave the exercise of digging into their older stuff up to the reader


Yeah I have listened to - quite much actually :)

Oh, Heaven Shall Burn is also great :D

@chuck @selea aaargh the last two tracks are 24-bit, but the rest are 16-bit, so metaflac can't add replaygain tags.

> Orbit Culture - Nija - 11 Wargblod.flac: ERROR: resolution of 24 bps does not match previous files' 16 bps

@ieure Unfortunately I just take the source files as sold and add them to my archive.

:/ I'm not real sure how to help here save for using a DAW and re-exporting the audio, but that sounds lossy

@chuck Yeah, I don't want to resample.

I like good metadata, nearly everything in my library has good tags from MusicBrainz & is linked to the MBZ ID for that specific version of the album. This includes me adding stuff to MBZ when it's missing.

And all have replaygain, so I don't blow my ears out or have to fiddle with the volume between tracks when shuffling, which is 90% of my daily listening.

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