So, while so many of the staff members are out this week, i'm taking the opportunity to train up interns and other junior devs with some semblance of "calmness" around the remote office.

So without any further context:

Whats the general consensus on Mono Repos 'round these parts?

We have a diverse git layout of repositories that are all inter-linked and the distributed nature of the config / app code / etc. is startling to these jr devs.

Is a monorepo a good fix?


So far I'm loving the feedback on this subject. I kind of knew it would be subjective enough to personal experiences with a repo layouts and then there would be academic level analysis, all biased through the various experiences within.

This is one of those topics where I usually leave with more chin scratching than I began - but the perspectives! its growing my very narrow tunnel vision immensely, so thanks for that!

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