Fedi friends, I need your help. 🎵 Can you send me suggestions for ambient music?

I'm running a magic-punk themed campaign in Ravnica (MTG universe - so gene splicing, magic punk, corporation vs corporation, sprawling under-city) crossed with Acquisitions Inc. so its over-arching theme is dismantling the machine from the inside.

Think - [cyberpunk 2077|netrunner|shadowrun] x w/ the office.

So far I have some Junkie XL in here - and its not really ambient :flan_coffee: :flan_shrug:

Thank you for all the suggestions! I'll start compiling these. :blobfingerguns: y'all are the best


Infected mushroom can be pretty ambient/chill but they skew to higher BPMs

Sphongle is a great chill vibe that's got some heavy eastern influences

Slam has some stuff that's pretty chill, Past Lessons, Future Theories is a pair of discs I've listened to when in the mood to just let my mind wander for decades now

Ryan Crosson does a lot of chill/ambient stuff and has a solid Detroit techno vibe going on
@chuck If you're looking for something different Vai and Satriani have some more chill work buried in spots

Propellerheads probably have some stuff too


Lee Rosevere's music can be found on

It's very soothing, in a way that would disturb me when combined with the context you are describing.

@chuck This might not be what you are looking for, but check it anyway. Great stuff when you want something dirty, smokey and third world feeling.

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