Seeing K3's popping up in more places 😁 I figured ya'll would catch up eventually.

@chuck did they sort the event loop that eats a full core at all times finally?
@chuck k3s always had an event loop running for me

and they called it out in some of the early demos

if its not chewing up CPU I may need to check again

they also have a tool similar to docker build/run that popped up recently. might be worth looking into as well given how migrations and upgrades look from docker to swarm...

@kemonine who still uses docker? :P

ContainerD/RunC for me since mid/late 2019... but i'm also an early adopter over here.

@kemonine and i air quote early adopter, since its what? 3 or 4 years old now.

@chuck also, how do these stack up for having something like portainer or watchtower style updates?

@kemonine as far as a capable OCI runtime, they stack up pound for pound.

Has anyone written something like watchtower for native containerd/runc? Not that i'm aware of. And portainer is pretty docker specific.

@chuck Yeah...

That's enough to keep my momentum going for Docker over runc...

The k3 series of stuff from rancher is shaping up over time though. They now have what amounts to the main docker command *and* kube certified daemon so it may be as 'simple' as finding alternative watchtower/portainer stuff at some point in the future.

We'll see though.

For now we stick with Docker for lollipop and let folks adapt accordingly.

@kemonine The complexity we deal with to have a kube-like api/deployment experience is more headache than anyone asked for. The paradigm has benefits, like anything the tradeoffs aren't worth it imho in the space lollipop is filling.

K3's for cluster enthusiasts, lollipop for the self hosters that dont need all that added 💩


@chuck Indeed


Rancher dropped the below doozie recently and...

I'm having a hard time sticking with Docker when it comes to longer term viability.
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