Okay this looks pretty compelling... a dicebox with an integrated tablet stand. I'd have to resize this for my hardware, but I think I'm going to print this when I get s'more wood filament in.

:flan_think: I'm a printing fool these days, but the output gear has been pretty interesting

:flan_sign: Will print for food

@thegibson If we meet in meatspace, I want to play tabletop games with ya now that I know you play :)

@chuck I am just tired of running games. I just want to play them now... but nobody around me still does it hardly.

@thegibson come to my backyard. its a bit of a hike, but i GM like you aint never seen brutha

@thegibson ACTUALLY - i have this foundry tabletop that i use for accessibility reasons for my youngest nephew. We could just spin up a new "world" on that and coordinate over discord and play there...

between Beyond20, DNDBeyond, and FVTT there's options. I'd have to look for any of the cyberunk addons like netrunner or cy2020, but i'm sure there are community members working on it.

:flan_think: maybe we start with what i'm comfortable with then transition to cyberpunk later in the season?

@thegibson oh and to complete the thought explicitly:

- do remote play over $VOIP option
- Use VTT when appropriate
- start small, small sessions, and grow from there. I'm comfortable with about an 8 or 9 top party but thats kinda nutty tbh...

@chuck we had a gaming session over here In the town back in December just using mumble... I bet we could get some player going.

@thegibson Aight man, i have a really solid 5e campaign i've been working on for about the last month.

Let me get some things in order in my house first and i'll touch base about planning an actual session so we can be prepared n stuff.

@chuck Philip of Macedon once sent a letter to the Spartan King saying that if Sparta must help in the coming war because if he wanted he could march an army to Sparta and crush them.

The Spartan King replied with one word in his letter... “if.”

This has been known as the laconic if.

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