Hey fediverse. I own the domain and it's expiring in 14 days. If anyone is interested I'm going to let this one lapse and would be willing to transfer if it's wanted

Just dm me some details and I'll unlock the domain for transfer to your registrar

Last call on this. It expires this week. If you want it you're more than welcome to it, just send me the details for the transfer and I'll unlock it.

Update: 2 people have reached out with interest. It's looking like its going to be transferred to good hands.

Thank you all for helping signal boost. Its much appreciated :borglove:

@chuck Hey @pamela you might (or might know of someone who would be) interested in this.

@chuck I kind of want to do this with the 100+ domains I have remaining

@marco yeah, after years of feeding domain squatters, i'm doing kind of a recycle program where i only re-up if i'm able to find an owner for the one that came before it.

as projects move and ideas change, why let we-eat-all-the-seo-juice-from-your-domain-lapses LLC get to have all the sweet ones we've registered?

@marco i'm also willing to bet if you put together a list w/ phaux auction, you'd get a lot of interest/buzz.

it was more effort than i was willing to put in for 1 domain, but at 100+ you can have a lot of fun with this :D

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