Ok y'all

Here's my weekend project. My nephew is a Quadriplegic and I'm undertaking building a PC (MR) gaming rig.

Thus far, his interface with the world is primarily an xbox one, a quadstick, and bluetooth headphones.

I aim to replicate this, to the best of my ability, but i also want to try and mix in tobii eye tracking, and potentially some voice assistant features.

Win 10 is the likely candidate here, as I dont think *nix has a good VA, or Tobii.

Any suggestions / pitfalls?

The build is complete save for a Bluetooth module. Lots of room to grow, as you can see. The neons are just some added flare of the case mfg. Thermal take makes a pretty solid case. With a plexiglass viewing area this is everything "low end mlg".

The 1660ti is buttery smooth on the gaming front. Tested against ark and smite. Also super impressed with steam and mapping the quadstick. It "just works".

We got so involved I didn't take any action photos, there's always next weekend 🤣

@chuck You can get A LOT of mileage out of Joy2Key and AutoHotKey under Windows, they're janky to set up and configure, but they're a great way to create custom, multi-device setups for games
I used to work for a company building games for physical therapy, and we did most of our prototyping with AHK and off-the-shelf devices like Tobii and Wiimotes and stuff

@chuck this is a great hashtag, now to remember to use it

@chuck I'm not a *huge* fan of macOS, and if you're going for a gaming rig I'm really not sure about the details, but I'll highly suggest checking out , and popping by their Slack to ask for suggestions.

I know the person behind it has been doing super impressive things, and also looking at porting it to other OSes.

@chuck oh... in case you're not familiar with twitch: Rocky live streams playing shooter and other games with his friends using only his mouth (and eyes?). If he's not live right now you can watch his VODs and his About info might list his tech stack / contact info.

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