@marco Here's some seeds for you

@mwlucas - A very prolific Author and BSD Daemon

@thegibson - He hacc

@kemonine - He arm and insightful

@sungo - He admin and insightful

@alexcleac - extra nice and tech savvy

@ella_kane - If you want to be connected, you connect with ella :) she's the regional ambassador between communities

@ieure - Retro tech like you've never retro-teched before

@ifixcoinops - More retro fun

@ajroach42 - Retro computing

part 1/2


@marco and more

@pamela - Super talent artist of the :flan_on_fire: flans

@kurtm - Technologist and super real person. Hella insightful

@DistroJunkie@fosstodon.org - Fellow 3d printer enthusiast

@dreadpirateyarr - She's glorious, jsut follow, ask questions later

@zigg - :borglove: zigg, he's the best people

@viciousviscosity - is in my top 10 people of all time.

@g - He hacc

@lindsays - She hacc too!

@alpine_thistle - talented artist, gardener, and super kind

More next week! <3

@lwdallas @marco @pamela @kurtm @DistroJunkie@fosstodon.org @dreadpirateyarr @zigg @viciousviscosity @g @lindsays @alpine_thistle 🙇 My pleasure to share the connections. These are all great people and there'll be more next friday

@chuck Dang. Turns out I'm following almost everyone on that list already. :flan_thumbs:

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