Reading about a current submission contest for artwork in Open Source land and remember, yet again - why you never ever ever do that.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING good comes from it. It doesn't improve community relations, it never creates new contributors in the long run and at the very least you'll get people disappointed and some times toxic as well.

What it does do is prove over and over that "Criticism" is a skill, and a skill seldomly possessed by computer enthusiasts.

Not saying its done out of bad motives - just that it doesn't work.

The downside with programming is morons like me comes along going "well you should have added this simple [is actually insanely complex] thing into it!" with a smug tone of voice.
The downside with design and artwork is that people think their opinion is relevant beyond personal preference because they have eyes and can discern color.

In both scenarios it often come with a side of "just telling the truth! Get thicker skin!"


@ohyran 🤗 we're just doing our best out here. This is a good reminder to lead with empathy.

Always! Empathy and Humanity first, the rest will sort itself out.
To quote Terry Pratchett: "problems begin when you start to treat humans like things"

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