Anyone have any thoughts on the #dell Latitude line of laptops?

I'm thinking about picking up a used one to address some of the hardware issues I've had with my #system76 laptop


I've had a few... I still have one at 7 yrs. old that runs Ubuntu well enough... I have a couple of off-lease Precisions as well around the same age5-7 yrs. that have been dependable workhorses.

@thegibson @codesections I'm on the opposite end of this spectrum. I've been burnt by so many vendors (Dell being one of the worst after my xps13 died horribly) i almost exclusively buy lenovo's now. but that's just my salty opinion, ymmv


@thegibson @codesections and to be clear it was the worst death... the non-touch screen died so i wound up "racking" the base unit until i could afford to pick up a replacement.

I guess i should be thankful it was able to be converted into a desktop during the intermission, but instead i'm salty that it died.

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