dude for real, why the fuck is this even a thing?

You are shipping an installer, include everything in it ya fucks.

this is also why i dread doing anything with windows. apparently there are enough usb hubs that the installer is confused which one of mine to use? no matter if its in usb2 or usb3 hub, its just acting like a twat and there's no usb hub drivers for my board.

ASRock AB350 Pro4 - buncha nada relevant on the board download site.

Needs a driver for you disks setup?

Is this a VM or on hardware?

@ryen yeah wtf :P its just an m2 disk, nvidia 1660, and cpu/ram combo. nothing real crazy here

Holy shit. I’ve only seen that screen with VMs and Hardware controllers. This is amazing.

I’m talking raid controller cards, not straight up consumer motherboards.

@ryen yeah, i've seen similar w/ hw passthrough for shit like raid controllers.

@ryen straight hardware.

ASRock AB350 Pro4, ryzen 6, ram, gfx, m2 pci3 ssd - nothing real exotic

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