Folks, real talk, I barely know what to do with a 3d printer that just works. I've spent so much time tinkering with the damn MPMD that I've let my list of actual work languish a bit.

@sungo i just want to print stuff for my rack is how it started :P

@chuck Indeed. I have a folder of STLs that looked interesting and some project folders. Just have to dig through it all and figure out what's next. Well, apart from reprinting the stuff that the MPMD fucked up

@sungo found out today I have like 3 fellow 3d printer nerds in the company. 📈

we should start a group for this sort of things

I also found out the dallas markerspace is the biggest in the country and it just doubled in size within the last 3 months O_O

Summer road trip for some CNC Plasma cutter fun?

@chuck @sungo Been wanting to make a road trip to the Dallas Makerspace. Throw in a stop by Fry's, Microcenter, and Half-price books for good measure.

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