Let me tell you something, townies and listeners.

I'm here on HT because this community has it going on. Cool folks, cool projects, cool ideas. Yeah, a lot of us love a good fire, particularly if it's flying a megacorp flag. But I want to see what you're building, from physical to philosophical. The weirder the better.

There is a lot to burn down these days. And burn it we shall. But at the end, when we're sitting in the ashes, successful beyond our dreams, what the fuck then? If we don't already have a culture of creation, then there will be nothing left.

So build some stuff. Dream some new dreams. Post that shit up here. And if the haters come, well, I did promise you something to burn.

Image source: leasticoulddo.com/comic/201904


@sungo and while you're at it tag it so we can find it outside of the town :)

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