Once upon a time, FOSS enthusiasts were so concerned about Microsoft, that they recommended everyone use GMail and Google Apps.

Today the same crowd hates Google, so they recommend $SERVICE instead...

As long as $SERVICE is a provider in the cloud, on somebody else's computer, I'm shaking my head.

Many of the things being recommended are even more proprietary and locked-down than Google's stuff is!

Fighting monopolies is good. But don't lie to yourself that this helps software freedom.


@HerraBRE You're like the local authority on this being a MailUserAgent developer. I wish more people could put eyes on this toot.

@chuck Sadly it's really common in e-mail.

I am so conflicted about this, because I really DO think fighting monopolies and having choices is super important. More important than software freedom, in many respects.

But it grinds my gears to see people using FOSS arguments against Google and for things that are... less open. Not naming names because that's not the goal here.

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