It was extremely hard to not cannibalize these disks for the cold storage server.

But I did purchases these specifically for the distributed hot storage system. Ok - here goes nothing. Building a 12tb ceph cluster for the arm lab

What is this project you're working on? I just read about ceph - fascinating concept. And all with arm? 😀

@viciousviscosity indeed 100% with arm.

I run a LOAD of services on 3 AMD nucs right now and performance is... well.. "ok at best". The arm lab is a way to re-implement on a shoestring budget while bringing in the best of "cloud native" tech into the stack.

6 years ago - after rebuilding my pet server for the 8 hundredth time, i decided its time to mix it up
thats when i rebuilt on lxc, maas, juju.

Now i'm well into docker/kube territory @home and still pushing the envelope.

@viciousviscosity so to paraphrase the word vomit - because i thought history was important in this context :D

- I'm building a DIY @ home datacenter, based on arm, using only FOSS technology.
- Running my own self-hosted services should come with some modicum of guarantee of SLA, probably not 5 9's but better than 50% availability.
- Data privacy, data privacy, data privacy
- Arm is fun, and i work jointly w/ the lollipop cloud folks, so this is a good clustering project of lollipop tech :)

Transparent, compelling and beautiful.
Thank you for sharing it with us. ☺️

@chuck @viciousviscosity that is totally a great thing in fact! Thanks for sharing with us, I am very interested in such a project too ^_^

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