It cleaned up so nicely

One thing I will say is that the reduction in microusb cable length was a mistake. Pulling these out for replacement and maintenance may prove tricky. Time will tell

@chuck the ethernet cable on the far left looks a bit too short to have enough slack but otherwise everything looks good 👍🏾

@staticsafe hah yeahhh, I noticed that too 😅 I'll leave it for now and ask my so to buy me a new cable for my birthday. Cheap and easy win for both of us

@chuck haha unifi, good affordable office/enterprise stuff :)

@chuck This looks like you are having much fun.

Maybe future cables should be twice as long but keep the excess tied up

@koenaro I went for that initially. I think I just went too cheap on the rack. A 12u with open side panels would have left better options for cable management

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