Hey, sys admins, personal ops folks, hobbyists that do operations or dabble - we should all talk under the hashtag when we're live tooting an operations event, like DB updates, rolling out new versions of public services, etc.

we have a lot of adjacent folks here with varying levels of experience doing operations and i bet a few more who are voyeristically watching.

This'll help make it discoverable and enable us to engage one another with help when needed.

food 4 thought

My #libreops weekend project is moving /var on my headless build server (a 'liberated' Mac Mini) to a new (larger) drive.

Seemed straightforward, but didn't come back online after reboot. I think it's a disk/partition UUID issue in my fstab, but that's a guess.

Time to dig out my auxiliary monitor, as SaltStack, Gitea, and Jenkins are pretty darn essential to my tinkering workflow, at least until I find a less weighty build system.

@eryn Nice, i have some options there for you re: gitea/jenkins - that would run on a pi.


and 🍭 ☁️ has gitea images that run just fine on a pi :D

however its not helpful to just toss out alternatives without tossing out a feel free to @ me if you get stuck w/ disk adventures

@chuck I briefly poked Drone, honestly can't remember why it was a "not today". Will take another look "Soon™".

My current contender is Laminar (github.com/ohwgiles/laminar), mainly because it integrates well with my methodology/approach to most sysadmin stuff.

I'm pretty firm in my decision to use Gitea as my repo/project/versioning/publishing management interface, but I'm looking for an authentication option that can live in my local network, accessible from my cloud as a PAM auth provider.

@chuck I used to use one of the OAuth implementations, but it's been a few years and I'd rather something that can manage SSH keys, too.

Also, anything that allows me to integrate YubiKey is ideal, but mainly it's just 2FA that is required, not just that particular hardware implementation.

Definitely going to take a look at using one of my Pi systems as the Gitea host.
For those who don't speak Emoji, is that "Lollipop Cloud"?

@chuck second round of #libreops moving /var to a (different) SSD on #Debian Linux:

Found my (original) issue after booting into recovery mode, I'd used the partition UUID rather than the disk UUID?
System booted once I reverted, and now I'm waiting to see if it comes back online properly with the new fstab values...at least this time it'll be easier to fix if it's still wrong?

@eryn nice! That's a good shout to on system uuid vs disk uuid. I'm pretty sure that's tripped me up before

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