Sooner or later, each of us feels the need to escape.
The country folk go to the city.
The city folk go to the country.

Here on this mountaintop,
we are a mere 10 miles from the city of 80 thousand people.
Each of whom has fashioned a small cage
of reality out of the chaos of unreality.
Each of whom lives his life by the
steady reassuring ticking of the clock.

Forgetting that the clock is merely man's dimension.
And that tomorrow is a creation of the human mind.
Here comes a man from that city below,
who is about to escape the cage of his reality.

His departure was along a highway with an exit sign that reads, '
This Way To Escape.'
The personal records of the rarest kind of human experience:
man's adventure in the world of the unknown
and that other world which lies just beyond

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