I don't know what to make of this... The delivery driver put my hard drives... In the fridge?! Because the box says new egg?!?!

Well here we go again.

I wonder if they are going to put my disk drives in the icebox this time. 🤔

@chuck eggs don't even need to be in the fridge... unless we're maybe in the Jurassic Park world... :blob_grinning_sweat:

@packbat @eloisa Thats pretty good sleuthing.

I didn't get to talk to the driver, so i'll never really know the -real- reason why, i only inferred the egg bit. But this package was delivered yesterday and fedex insisted it was dropped off on location and for me to triple check before filing a dispute.

well, they were right. it -was- delivered, just not at all where I expected it to be! 😂

@packbat @chuck

"Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journ alism."

OMG! Can you sum up, plz? I can't read! I'm European! HALP! D:

@eloisa @packbat TL;DR - Americans have a problem with salmonella and chicken shit on eggs. so please refrigerate your eggs

@chuck @eloisa Specifically, the United States deals with salmonella by requiring eggs be cleaned instead of by requiring the chickens to be vaccinated, and cleaning the egg removes a protective layer on the shell that the European food system relies on to protect the contents from contaminants.

@packbat @chuck I'm horrified! And at the same time I understand why, now!

Thank you so much for that explanation! :blobcatsurprised: --> still in horror

@packbat @chuck @eloisa I read somewhere the protective layer is washed even on european eggs, but they re-apply an artificial one. so in theory at least there isn't any chicken shit on them. But we refrigerate them anyway so idk

@MightyPork @packbat @chuck in my country it comes filthy. We have to wash them right before use in the kitchen. :blob_dizzy_face:

@chuck I'm reminded of several times where I had to recover data off a dying HDD by putting it in the freezer.

@ieure @chuck I had to freeze a hard drive to recover data for a friend back in 2014. I left the hard drive in the freezer while I pulled data. It did actually work and I was able to recover everything important:

@djsumdog @chuck Yep. My high school computer lab teacher taught me that trick. He worked in the industry. Usually I could get stuff off them by freezing and then pulling data, but have had IDE cables snaked into the freezer before as well.

@chuck This is strictly speaking better than the alternative.

@chuck hot tips to keep your SSD as cool as it can be

@DokoroNuki @chuck haha that’s my favourite Shakespeare quote! “young fry of treachery!”

@bcallah i'm annoyed, amused, and baffled at all of this. Is this even real life 😂

@chuck Omg this made my day! Hilarious. I guess he thought it contained a "new egg".

@chuck This is hilarious, but despite the "freeze the drive to recover data" trick I'm worried about moisture.

Also what's in the styrofoam cooler? Is it a human heart? I'm guessing human heart.

@coolpowers no clue my dude. I can only guess organs, but it's been in that delivery fridge for 2 weeks now. whomever the package is for is either long deceased or extremely patient on their transplant.

i'm hoping the vaccume sealed bags are the trick for keeping the drives moisture free. we'll find out, because i'm slapping them on a SAS card as we speak

@chuck Listen carefully because this is Very Important:

⚠️ Do NOT - under _any_ circumstances! - succumb to the temptation of installing the human organs instead of hard drives ⚠️

@coolpowers 🤔 .... *slowly backs away in the direction of the delivery room*

@chuck IIRC every sealed drive I’ve gotten like that has also had a small bag of desiccant inside to remove moisture.

@chuck it's the new hard drive cooling system. just put them in a fridge.

@chuck old mate here is living in a Quantum computing world already 😂

@chuck I'd suggest defrosting your new eggs at room temperature for about an hour before consuming them.

@chuck who doesn't buy their eggs online, after all?

@chuck Wait, how does the delivery driver have access to the fridge?

@chuck the driver probably didn't want your sectors to go bad!

@chuck at least they didn't put them in the freezer. That would raise a *lot* more questions!

@chuck At least you know he handled your harddrives carefully

@chuck Gives new meaning to putting things into cold storage.

@chuck cold storage

oh my god I hope nobody's said this yet

@chuck (Unrelated: I hope you saw the news about NewEgg leaking customer financial info recently)

@chuck silly little thing -- we used to put dying drives that were having trouble starting in the freezer to cause the metal to contract -- worked more often than not using the freezer on same drives -- spin them, grab whatever we could, harvest cool magnets. :-)

@chuck I should hope so. I'd hate for your new egg drives to spoil.

@chuck That's obnoxious. Hopefully they weren't damaged by condensation.

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