I don't know what to make of this... The delivery driver put my hard drives... In the fridge?! Because the box says new egg?!?!

@chuck I'm reminded of several times where I had to recover data off a dying HDD by putting it in the freezer.

@ieure @chuck I had to freeze a hard drive to recover data for a friend back in 2014. I left the hard drive in the freezer while I pulled data. It did actually work and I was able to recover everything important:

@djsumdog @chuck Yep. My high school computer lab teacher taught me that trick. He worked in the industry. Usually I could get stuff off them by freezing and then pulling data, but have had IDE cables snaked into the freezer before as well.

@chuck This is strictly speaking better than the alternative.

@chuck hot tips to keep your SSD as cool as it can be

@chuck This is hilarious, but despite the "freeze the drive to recover data" trick I'm worried about moisture.

Also what's in the styrofoam cooler? Is it a human heart? I'm guessing human heart.

@chuck it's the new hard drive cooling system. just put them in a fridge.

@chuck old mate here is living in a Quantum computing world already 😂

@chuck I'd suggest defrosting your new eggs at room temperature for about an hour before consuming them.

@chuck who doesn't buy their eggs online, after all?

@chuck Wait, how does the delivery driver have access to the fridge?

@chuck the driver probably didn't want your sectors to go bad!

@chuck at least they didn't put them in the freezer. That would raise a *lot* more questions!

@chuck At least you know he handled your harddrives carefully

@chuck Gives new meaning to putting things into cold storage.

@chuck cold storage

oh my god I hope nobody's said this yet

@chuck (Unrelated: I hope you saw the news about NewEgg leaking customer financial info recently)

@chuck silly little thing -- we used to put dying drives that were having trouble starting in the freezer to cause the metal to contract -- worked more often than not using the freezer on same drives -- spin them, grab whatever we could, harvest cool magnets. :-)

@chuck This was worth leaving the necro thread stuff to just happen
@chuck Holy crud I thought this was a repost, but no, this 2-year-old post is just /still/ getting boosts! Nice, haha!
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