Here's a good one for today!

Pi-Hole the network-wide ad blocker (that blocks ads at the DNS level) has released 4.0 this week!

Are you running ? Have you upgraded to 4.0? Let me know how you're getting along with it :)

@chuck It is in my plan for this week sometime... when I get some time.

- Teaser toots about The_Mainframe ✅
- Deployed megalolpolis ✅
- Did recon on clutch ✅
- Helped usher in newcomers ✅
- did it all in style ✅
- Deploy pi-hole

You've had a busy week my dude


I'm overclocked.

Don't know how to slow down. :)

For the record, I love Clutch as far back as the early 90's... I just didn't realize they were still around...

psychic Warfare is a great album...glad to see they've still got it.

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