Ok, I think I'm ready to ask for help on this. is my small mastodon instance, and it would be super cool to get some flair on the hero image.

Are any artists open for commission for such a thing and open to talking through the design requirements?

I have a real loose idea of what I'd want, but I don't have the artistic capability to express it outside of basic geometry and stick figures.

Help me boost for visibility please! ❤️

DM me for details/interest!

@chuck if you feel my aesthetic is suitable for your stuff I am open to it! 😀 You can look at my stuff at

"Ok, I think I'm ready to ask for help on this."

Are you like me? You have problem asking other people for help because you dont want to bother them with your own shit?
I am like that lol.

@selea I am :-S its probably obnoxious, and its also weird because i've worked in open source for the last 5 years... But I still have this mental block of "Give it 110% yourself before you ask for help."

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