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Chuck aka "lazyPower"

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Welcome to my

I'm a pretty "run of the mill" geek. I'm an operations engineer by trade and don't talk much about work here unless i'm having one of those days.

You'll find me posting about:
- / /
- General advice
- &D
- /

I'm locked down if you try to add me, but that's so I can filter out the bots. If you've got a few posts I'll accept :)

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If you're feeling apprehensive about introducing yourself, maybe it'll help if I go first. I don't think i've done an introduction post on this account yet, i just grandfathered in with some super cool people in tow from back in Feb. when I joined :patcat:

#introductions #hello #oss #opensource

We are the 🍭 ☁ project and are working to bring self-hosted clouds to everyone.

Accessibility, low cost and more are our goals.

Feel free to drop by our chat and/or visit our website

We look forward to seeing you around!

I am writing a document that will outline how to self-host a mastodon instance from your home network... no cloud required.

Hi everyone, since the same issues come up again and again and are keeping people from using this site, I started a wiki page on Mastodon #accessibility stuff!

Please go and improve it, and share it with anyone who might need it!

It is supposed to help use Mastodon right now, by explaining useful features that Mastodon already has and showing workarounds for features it lacks. It's not meant to imply that improvements to Mastodon itself can't or shouldn't be made :thumbsup_paw:

Hey Mastodon. I know I have like, 4 actual followers on here or something, but maybe somebody will see me on the timeline.

I could really use some philanthropy right about now. I'm 2 years and 60 job interviews down with a traumatic brain injury... I'm trying to create a source of income for my family by expanding my Twitch channel.

Please consider kicking in, or passing it on if you would. Thanks for looking. ❤️

Just installed #wallabako on my Kobo: it works like a charm!

Thanks @wallabag for the privacy-friendly software, and thanks @anarcat for making it usable on a Kobo

OH: "its madness that we're loading an entire webkit engine just to display text in an editor"

Highlights of my week so far are mostly @chuck encouraging my worst shitposting impulses, especially where sketchy domain purchases are concerned lol


I would actually commission someone to make me a IPv6 emoji for Mastodon use


This is great early warning for the people WITH #healthcare but this is even bigger for insurers to use your phone’s front camera/s to hedge against & block treatment for pre-existing conditions.

#AI can spot your eye disease with 94.5 percent accuracy - DeepMind researchers described an AI system that can identify more than 50 diseases, refer them to a specialist, and, most important, indicate which portion of a medical scan prompted the diagnosis.” #HIPAA #Privacy

"She noticed that her Android phone prompted her to rate a shopping trip to Kohl's, even though she had turned Location History off."

Yeah, I've gotten that myself. According to AP, Google still tracks your location, even if you've turned that setting off.


I just heard back from the missing co-worker! We're good here. reign in the search party. They just over-did it this week.

So, one of my co-workers has gone full MIA today after a night out drinking. Nobody has heard from them, they are unresponsive to text.

I'm wondering when is an appropriate time to signal boost and start putting the bug in people's ear that this may be something to be super concerned about :(

Useful keyboard shortcuts for the web client that aren't documented in the panel yet, courtesy of @Gargron:

gb -> blocked accounts
gd -> direct messages
gf -> favourites,
gh -> home,
gl -> local timeline,
gn -> notifications,
gs -> getting started panel,
gt -> federated timeline
gm -> muted users,
gp -> pinned toots,
gu -> your profile

The state of encryption and surveillance law is in flux. On August 19, join EFF's Executive Director Cindy Cohn at Crypto 2018 for a panel discussion of the measures governments are considering to respond to the increasing use of encryption worldwide.

> Google is a symptom of the bigger problem: surveillance capitalism in general. As long as surveillance is the business model of the Internet, things like this are inevitable.

No, you idiot. As long as #capitalism is our economic system, #surveillance is inevitable.

Acai bowl - bowl of the gods.

Courtesy of Kure in Portland Oregon

Personal taste rating: amazing!