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Chuck aka "lazyPower"

Prepare yourselves fediverse. My consciousness has returned

The jam wagon I'm currently on has me barreling towards a Theivery Corporation marathon this afternoon.

Not bad monday, I see you hiding in there with all this awesome music.

Encrypted remote backups using SSHFS and LUKS:

I've been using this technique for years and can confirm it's robust and reliable.


Preparing for tomorrow and the day after, premiere in Ljubljana, using #Ardour and CALF audio plug-ins for live vocal processing and cue/play tracks and, most importantly, boosting some cuddly sub bass using CALF's multiband compressor.

#LinuxAudio #UbuntuStudio #LibreFriday #stage #ContemporaryDance #MatijaFerlin #PatreonLens #Patreon

btw, make sure gifs are set to auto play to see this awesome Mona Lisa blowing a kiss :mona_kiss: made by @yentru_oc

Where can I buy the whole album?

FYI, did same for Piwik/Matomo and Nextcloud:

Will need to add READMEs to these two at some point. But they're very similar to Snipe-IT (PHP apps, php-fpm container downloading and installing stuff automagically, configuration via envvars, automagic upgrade/migration script ran every time the container is restarted).

Time to get out there people. Time to make your voices heard.

if you ever find yourself upset with the "current generation's" slang of saying "feels" or "mood" too much just remember the 19th century had this

and yes, the $2.50 per month vps is our benchmark for an important reason: marginalized people are usually broke, so the cheaper we can make it, the more democratizing it can be for them.

Of course it's extremely easy to say, "The heck with it. I'm just going to adapt myself to the structures of power and authority and do the best I can within them." Sure, you can do that. But that's not acting like a decent person.
-- Noam Chomsky

#anarchism #quote #bot

We're back!

In case you are wondering why we'd disable #HyperThreading on a server, check out the #OpenBSD commit message

Or the article by El Reg:

I'm Speculating(tm), but expect further news about problems in those areas...

@Are0h It's kind of a big deal. If we can get Free Software and Free Culture projects using federated communications platforms, it would give a lot of momentum to the content and media side of the fediverse.

Which could be incredibly interesting.

We need to plan on how to keep gators out of our data lake

It's now Day 4 of Blender's videos being taken down by YouTube's content filter without explanation.

YT/Google has total control over who sees Blender's content, and there is no way for Blender to do anything about this.

#Article13 would mean automated content filters like this across the whole internet, controlled by large corporations.

Don't let this happen. Please PLEASE call/email your MEP to reject #Article13 today. The vote is tomorrow.

Don't know if y'all're interested, but on the off chance anyone would like a print, I tossed Pudge and his mummy up on Redbubble too:

(if not, please boost- every little bit helps me make a little bit more art 😊🙏)

#art #prints #digitalart #mastoart #illustration

After the chaos over #YouTube's inexplicable takedown and enforced monetisation, Blender is now testing its own #PeerTube instance:

#Alternatives #DeleteYouTube


...ish. I mean, it's "done" in the sense that it's all coloured in and shaded, but "ish" in the sense that there's a bucketload of lil whoopsies and things I really should fix but oh well it's 3am and my eyes feel mushy.

So... it's done.



#art #mastoart #illustration #arttoot #digitalart #drawing #illustrator