@mood obligatory interaction to accompany follow request :flan_wave:

I'm late to the party on this, but someone built an open source network attached stepper motor driver called Ether Sweep :flan_cool:


Having the "real talk" with a co-worker on DAW's in slack. My feels about this extend beyond audio production software.

I wish FLOSS DAW's were better, but they aren't.

I hear a lot of chatter/banter around nomad in my tech circles but i still don't know anyone using it in any shade of anger.

Do any of my fedi friends use Nomad?


The Mighty Mocambos - Beverly Hills Cop Theme (Axel F)

Best remix to come out of an 80's movie imho - Crank it to 11

Scratch bastid going ham on those decks again today as the soundtrack


Bastid's BBQ livestream

tech griping 

I'm getting annoyed at all the consumer-aiming being done by tech companies jumping into the VPN game; and then marketing it as "Up your privacy game".

Like, sorry folks.

I'm not advocating you go without on public networks, but shilling VPNs is not the answer to surveillance capitalism and "taking back privacy".

I don't know what I expected, but I'm not disappointed

Hearing reports of some smaller Colo facilities shutting down due to energy prices.

Feels like another tipping point; I wonder if we'll see it that way.

Frankenstein printer is back up and running - prelim Calicat print came out great save for some stringing.

Still need curing and cleaning but this last batch came out great. So happy the FEP replacement was a success.

My mini fabricator is doing a great job.

Thermistor and Heating element fixed ✅ in all reality I spent too long being worried about the polarity of them. Considering I had to splice the wires 🤦‍♂️ but at least that’s done. (Hint: Polarity on heating elements and thermistors don't matter apparently)

Next up; extruded motor and Bowden tubes then full cycle testing 🙌

Assessing the damage: looks like the main culprits were a damaged thermistor wire; a clogged Bowden tube and a clogged nozzle.

The original heat block must have gone over temp and it just slagged so much stuff. I’m lucky I didn’t create a fire.

But the new block, tube, and heating assembly appear to have been basically drop in replacements. Working on getting an octoprint and setup so I can give this bad jammer a trial run

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