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If you're doing any "fun" weekend projects for personal ops, and would like to share with the masses, is a great hashtag to follow and toot under.

Be as descriptive or vague as you like, who knows maybe you'll inspire someone else to explore the wild and wooly world of libreops - operations in the open.


- building a SBC powered home appliance
- Drudgery work like syncing backups
- Patching systems (you are patching them, aren't you?)
- poking a remote unit thats gone AWOL

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:flan_wave: Welcome to my

I'm a pretty "run of the mill" geek. I'm an operations engineer by trade and don't talk much about work here unless i'm having one of those days. But work and my hobbies intersect often 😂

You'll find me posting about:
- / /
- /

I'm notorious for leaving follow requests on hold. good things come to those who wait. 😉

anyone have a link to a good intro guide to the mastodon ui and overall breakdown in how federation works?

I seem to have a broken link saved

#LibreOps #Help #HelpWelcome #Advice

Well, today is back to the grind. Vacation was well received and I'm sad that it's over.

I am not currently watching She-Ra. My husband, however, is.

Checkmate, 80s toxic masculinity

I was going to live toot my ramen o Rama adventure but I'm so busy eating and line shifting it's a lot to balance in two hands but OMG y'all

I'm in my element and have found my people

I need to update this post for captions. Sorry folks. I'll get on this when I'm back at the hotel before I post any more

Libations, alc. 

I'm so bummed. I've been trying to send my crepe in for the last 14 minutes :blobcry:

I just ate french onion and Gruyère cheese soup dumplings. AMA

Possible bad pun 

@thegibson tonight's special something is being mixed with a nice honey crisp cider.

Never thought I'd say I like pumpkin anything but pie... However this concoction is delightful

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