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If you're doing any "fun" weekend projects for personal ops, and would like to share with the masses, is a great hashtag to follow and toot under.

Be as descriptive or vague as you like, who knows maybe you'll inspire someone else to explore the wild and wooly world of libreops - operations in the open.


- building a SBC powered home appliance
- Drudgery work like syncing backups
- Patching systems (you are patching them, aren't you?)
- poking a remote unit thats gone AWOL

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:flan_wave: Welcome to my

I'm a pretty "run of the mill" geek. I'm an operations engineer by trade and don't talk much about work here unless i'm having one of those days. But work and my hobbies intersect often 😂

You'll find me posting about:
- / /
- /

I'm notorious for leaving follow requests on hold. good things come to those who wait. 😉

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scared a couple employees here
by giving an off the cuff
this is why you need to
keep all your passwords different
and use a password manager
when you can
and turn on the two factor

explained processes for getting
into systems
using credentials harvested
off of data breaches
they are properly paranoid now

and showed them
have i been pwnd
to help them find which data breach
they have been in

worked better than any corporate
training session

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Given how much I use it, I really need to create a keyboard shortcut that just automatically inserts a shruggie... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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A gaijin dude explaining Japanese culture to a Japanese chick.

This is a new level of gaijinsplaining.

so, you can monkey patch in go, and its not something i'd advise for use in any case aside from unit tests...

pretty spiffy if you ask me.

also the testing frameworks in go are trash.

that is all

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[puts this hat on forwards, then backwards, then forwards again]

Packet low-sized ARM instances at affordable prices when?

Yaks for sale! Get your Yak!

Nobody should have to shave themselves

Yaks 2 for 20

Impress your significant other with your pro shaving style, GET YOUR YAKS HERE!

Open question to the fedi gophers out there

If i want to stub out a KMS key service, or mock it, what would be my best bet? to grab some fixture data and encode that? its just a remote api, so i presume i could just record some responses and inject those into test cases...

but whats your thoughts/opinions? anyone have first hand experience writing test cases around a KMS service consumer?

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I hope you have just the loveliest day possible.

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Every so often, someone declares to the world: "I don't read book descriptions!" :flan_shrug:#savagedBySystemd

@sungo Have you worked with the RPI compute module?

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Just a pretty picture of my board with some RPi hats on it. All the lights made it too shiny to avoid picture taking

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vBSDCon CFP closes today. You have roughly until it's the 20th everywhere to submit your talk proposal.

vBSDcon 2019 returns to the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA, USA on September 5-7 2019

See for the CFP

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A New Side-Channel Attack Lets #Android Apps Eavesdrop On Loudspeaker Data Using Accelerometer Motion Sensor—Without Requiring Any Device Permission.

Learn More ➤

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So LXD's going to join the list of runtimes kubernetes knows how to jockey, this should be interesting to have machine containers running right alongside application containers

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Animated Violence, sick dance moves 

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Hey! I posted a new blog entry around using the Kubernetes dynamic client-go client to operate namespaced CRDs!

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The pre-release of #tootstream got some additional fixes for tying while streaming. There's also checks in there so the editor won't be brought up while a stream is occurring (until we can effectively pause the stream).

Check it out at

Please let me know if you run into any bugs or strangeness with this release-candidate. I'd like to have this released by the end of the month.


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from the liminal space between "cursed" and "genius," comes Flappy Bird implemented with browser windows:

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